Jan 20, 2009

Today, The World Witnessed History Being Made As The First African American Was Sworn In As President Of The US

By Jimmy DeYoung

As hundreds of thousands watched in person and millions around the world witnessed the historic swearing in of the first African American president of the US, the expectations for the events of the next four years are very high and the next president, President Barak Obama faces some great challenges both domestically and internationally as he assumes office in Washington.

Leaders of the EU are expecting to see a new US leader they believe is more in their mode of governing and these European heads of state look forward to working with President Obama to deal with the global economic crisis. At the same time, Middle Eastern leaders wait eagerly to see the direction the new president will take as he and his administration forge ahead in the task of bringing about peace in the Middle East before there is a region-wide war.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The historic event that took place in Washington, D.C., the swearing in of the first African American president, has not only historic significance, but prophetic significance as well according to Bible prophecy.

As millions, maybe even billions of people looked on as Barak Obama, the first African American to be sworn in as president of the US, there were tears of joy and hearts filled with expectations for the future. World leaders eagerly look forward to working with the new US president as they confront the problems in our world today.

I must remind you that God is still in control and there is no power that be except that ordained by God, Romans 13:1. Remember, God instituted human government, Genesis 9:6 and has used it down through the centuries to set this world in place for His plan to be played out. Revelation 17:17 reveals that God puts it in the hearts of world leaders to accomplish His will. That passage sets the stage for Babylon, Revelation 18, to become the center of economic and political power and necessitates a global economic crisis to prepare the world for this control to be headquartered in modern day Iraq.

President Barak Obama will indeed be used by God to set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.