Jan 20, 2009

Stupid Diplomacy

By Jim Fletcher

It was intriguing — and a little sad — to see some evangelicals almost wistfully wish that Hillary Clinton would win the Democrat nomination for president over Barack Obama. The thinking was, “Well, I wouldn’t be happy with her, but he’d be really bad!”

How far from discernment we are.

Hillary the Shrewd rode the moderate train a long way, and fooling many Christians along the way. No doubt, Obama is a Socialist and is a stunningly bad choice to lead the United States. But Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Leftist, is a Leftist, and will remain a Leftist. Her recent statements awaiting confirmation as the new secretary of state reveal just how “moderate” she’s become.

Parroting the same worldview as her former rival, Clinton said that the U.S. must go back to “smart diplomacy” in dealing with foreign threats. That means, of course, talking to your enemies. That limp noodle strategy hasn’t worked for 5,000 years, but somehow the brainy kids at State think it will. Obama, Clinton and the rest will “talk” with Iran and the rest of our mortal enemies, until they have transitioned the U.S. into either an immoral state like the Europeans, or a fading super-power.

Clinton’s long-time chummy attitude toward the Arabs, and her radicalization in college cemented her world view. That view is cold, and politically calculating.

Which brings me to the subject of Israel. If Condi Rice leaned on the Israelis in negotiations with the Palestinians, what do you think Hillary Clinton will do?

Growing up in the volatile ‘60s, Clinton attended a Methodist church in Chicago. The Methodists have been liberal in their theology for at least a hundred years, and Clinton’s education there, provided by youth leader Don Jones, was thoroughly liberal in world view. It was there that young Hillary Rodham learned the teachings of liberal scholars like Paul Tillich, who did not believe that the Bible was really full of real history, science, and philosophy.

Her upbringing was very similar to George W. Bush’s in that regard. Raised a Presbyterian, Bush joined the United Methodist Church more than two decades ago. That’s why he made the recent statement in which he said he does not always read the Bible literally. What he really means is that he rejects largely the predictive prophecy of the Old Testament, and much of its history.

This is why Israel is squeezed politically by alleged friends!

For Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the insane “two-state solution” for Israel and the Palestinians makes perfect sense: it is a humanist solution. We who believe the Bible is true know that this is a spiritual issue. This is why Bush went public with the long-standing American stance on a Palestinian state (soothingly cultivated by famous Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher Jimmy Carter).

“Smart Diplomacy” Clinton-style will endanger us all. Obama does not have a biblical world view, either, so his crew of ex-Clinton and ex-Carter advisors are unfortunately going to have a chance to hold Israel’s feet to the fire diplomatically.

But notice, as I know you have, that biblically, it isn’t Israel that has reason to fear. Ezekiel 38-39 is going to be an old-fashioned, Old Testament-style Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in which the Arab and Russian rabble-rousers are not going to have half the chance the guys did who went up against Wyatt Earp.

With Russia reverting back to its gulag days, Turkey turning away from the West, anti-semitism on the rise in Germany, apocalyptic weaponry in Iran, hostile Arab nations, and good old American smart diplomacy, the stage is being set for an invasion of Israel that will devastate her invaders. How ironic that the Americans will have a hand, at least politically, in setting up that disaster.

If Benjamin Netanyahu wins Israel’s elections, he will certainly appoint a cabinet that at least has their collective heads screwed on straight. It would be wonderful for instance to see him name former defense minister Moshe Arens as foreign minister. At least this group of realists would slow down the Gog juggernaut, in theory. Netanyahu kept Israel safer during his tenure as prime minister from 1996-99, before the Clinton machine helped drive him from office.

With war clouds forming, how ironic that another Clinton comes riding across the plains in time to see Netanyahu swept into office a second time.