Jan 28, 2009

Meet The XPAK. It Will Locate Bombs And The Terrorists That Build Them

By Sean Osborne

Some of you might remember the former TV show "Tactical to Practical." The program was hosted by Hunter Ellis and last broadcast on The History Channel back in 2005. It was a great show, certainly one of my faves at that time.

If the show was still around they might very well highlight the new smart-technology device seen in the image above. Say hello to the XPAK. Simply put, the XPAK is bad news for terrorists and their form of warfare. As disclosed yesterday in The News report by correspondent Aharon Etengoff, the XPAK is about to transition from the counter-terrorist practical civilian environment to the world of tactical combat environments. XPAK is enroute to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and that makes for some even worse news for the terrorists.

XPAK is the brainchild of RedXDefense and is based on new silicon polymer technology developed by the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) known as a "nanowire." The nanowire, which is 2,000 times thinner than a human hair, normally fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet light. Many types of explosives are immediately detectable by the XPAK in only trace amounts. With this technology the anti-IED effort is being extended directly into the terrorists bomb making lairs and the terrorists who handle the explosives. We will find the IED before it can be built.