Jan 28, 2009

Economic Stimulus Bill Affords Christians Great Opportunity

By Bill Wilson

Since when is sex, sex education, contraception and abortion regarded as economic stimulus? Is it true that the United States is about to embark on the most socialist journey it has ever attempted and one of the pillars to success is preventing babies from being born while encouraging sex and normalization of deviant sexual behavior? One need look no further than the latest so-called economic stimulus legislation concocted by the Congress in conjunction with the White House. And the answer is "YES." From remarks by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House, it appears that the new Congress and Administration support reducing the American population as a method of economic salvation.

Pelosi, on ABC's "This Week" program with George Stephanopoulos, justified over 10 percent of the near trillion dollar economic stimulus program going toward "family planning" initiatives. saying, ". . . the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government." But after negative public outcry from the interview, ABC Newsman Teddy Davis reported that the man who occupies the Oval Office called California Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman and instructed him to take out the $87 billion, the majority of which would have ended up in Planned Parenthood's abortion coffers. But the President, Davis reports, still favors the increase in family planning, which will show up in another bill.

Meantime, it has been revealed by the Drudge Report that $335 million is in the economic stimulus bill for sexually transmitted disease education through the Center for Disease Control. Drudge reports that "In the past, the CDC has used this STD education funding for programs that many Members of Congress find objectionable and arguably unrelated to a mission of economic stimulus (such as funding events called "Booty Call" and "Great Sex" put on by an organization that received $698,000 in government funds.)" Indiana Republican Congressman Mike Pence said the bill is a "disservice to millions of Americans who want to see this Congress take immediate action to get this economy moving again."

Already there has been tens of billions of dollars pointed out in the legislation that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy, but lots to do with building a permanent infrastructure for sin issues such as abortion and politically correct sex education-code for the homosexual agenda. To most Christians this is abhorrent. But it was a nation that describes itself as over 80% Christian that voted for this very Congress and Administration, with full disclosure of their agenda. Jesus said in Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." When the world around us is getting darker, our light can shine brighter. Let's make the most of this opportunity.