Jan 26, 2009

Koenig’s Insights On These End Times

By Don Koenig

Some have asked me how close we are to the prophesied end time events of the Bible and the promise of the second coming of Jesus. I am not setting a date but I have been indicating in my articles that by what I see taking place in the world, that all events are very likely to take place within two to three decades. I believe all that is written about the last days before the second coming of Jesus will most likely be completed in this period. Nevertheless, I do not believe it will be anywhere near thirty years before the false and the real birth pains of the Kingdom begin on earth.

I see many signs that the handwriting is already on the wall. It reads, “Prepare for the Apocalypse now”. The hoof beats of the four horsemen of the apocalypse may be heard much sooner than many think but not as soon as 2012 - 2019 AD as some are now teaching. All these things will take a couple decades to play out, the end is not as close as some lead you to believe.

Follow my reasoning and decide for yourself why we are rapidly moving toward the time of the Apocalypse but why a few pieces of the puzzle still do not quite fit.