Jan 8, 2009

Israel Goes Alone Against Terrorism As World Sympathizes With Hamas

By Bill Wilson

There is a pattern with the terrorists in Israel. Hamas pounds innocent Israeli citizens for years with thousands of rockets. Finally, Israel gets fed up and retaliates. Israel destroys the buildings and infrastructure that the West paid for when it was trying to establish the Palestinian Authority as the moderate terrorist government of the Palestinians. Of course, the Palestinians didn't want a moderate group of terrorists. They wanted the real thing so they elected Hamas to represent them. Once enough buildings are bombed and enough terrorists are killed-a very subjective number-the world says stop.

The western media, too cowardly to send real reporters into the war zone, hires Islamic reporters to give the news to America and Europe. The world sees women and children in the war zone-women and children-wives and children of Palestinian terrorists who hate Jews more than they love their families and don't care whether they are maimed, killed or not-martyrdom is all good for the cause. The media shows women and children blown to bits-not distinguishing those harmed by Palestinian rockets-nevertheless, the war is stopped and the west pays billions to rebuild Gaza, and millions are skimmed into the terrorist's pockets while they rearm and do it all over again sometime in the future.

Author Joel Rosenberg, who is on site in Southern Israel, says Palestinian reporters in Gaza suggest that Hamas hardly exists now; that its leadership is being killed and infrastructure destroyed. Rosenberg says Hamas wants a ceasefire. And the United Nations, the United States, and European Union are all too eager to force one without even the mention of preventing Hamas from rearming in the future. But what do the Israeli people want? They are the ones who have suffered under constant terror for years from Palestinian missiles. A news survey from Jerusalem's Channel 2 TV says 81% of Israelis think their government has done the right thing in retaliating and 60% oppose talking to Hamas about a ceasefire.

The terrorists believe its ok to do whatever they want to Jews. And the world seems to back up the terrorists by lending a sympathetic ear and tagging them victims when the true victims of terror say 'enough is enough.' In support of Hamas, there have been protests by Islamists in the US, calling for Israel to be "nuked" and Jews to be burned once again in ovens. An Islamic website in Britain is compiling a list of Jews in England to target because of the Gaza retaliation. Islam is motivated by hate for Americans and Jews. And it's a strong motivator. However, if it is allowed to continue, Jeremiah 51:14 shows us the future: "Surely I will fill you with men, as with locusts, and they shall lift up a battle cry against you."