Jan 12, 2009

EU Globalist Gurus Gather

By Terry James

Vibrations stemming from Planet Earth getting its bell rung by the economic earthquakes that struck late in 2008 continue to cause currencies and trade issues to jostle against each other. America’s loss of balance is at the center of the quaking with, for example, the U.S. having so much Treasury paper in foreign hands that the People’s Republic of China has issued notice that it might well not take such paper in the future. It conjures the image of the heavily addicted gambler who wants to sign an I.O.U. so he can keep on gambling, but the others in the game aren’t sure he is good for the paper.

Maybe that’s a primary reason that leaders other than American are at the center of the meetings to try to assuage anxiety that the dumbfounding economic upheaval is inflicting upon the world’s monetary masters--masters who have appointed themselves to the task of making all things fiscal conform to the new order they want to create.

Perhaps we are witnessing the key signal that the world is wagging toward Jesus’ forewarning that just before His return there will be “upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity” (Luke 21:25b). The globalist powers elite seem to believe they are the only authorities sufficiently ascendant to straighten out the most volatile economic mess in history. As usual, asking God’s help in the matter never--observably, at least-- crosses the minds of the globalist gurus of governance.

It is interesting from the perspective of Bible prophecy, I think, that key movers and shakers in this unprecedented crisis are from among the most powerful within the European Union. And, it is even more interesting that these are directing U.S. economic repositioning, rather than the other way around.

"PARIS – The leaders of France and Germany appeared to put disagreements over economic policy behind them Thursday, calling on the U.S. to join global efforts to address the financial crisis. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, leading a two-day conference with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on the future of capitalism, said the crisis has shown that no country can go it alone on economic policy. ‘In the 21st century, there is no longer a single nation who can say what we should do or what we should think,’ he said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the system ‘cannot continue as it is’ and called for better-regulated financial markets. European leaders will meet in Berlin before the G-20 summit in London to decide a common approach as global leaders gear up for a second meeting on the global financial crisis, Sarkozy said” (Emma Vandore and Greg Keller, AP Business writers, "French President Nicolas Sarkozy delivers a speech at the symposium 'New World, New Capitalism' in Paris," AP, 1/8/09).

America continues to be the world’s leading industrialized nation. All other economies still look to this republic as being the stabilizing economic pillar in an increasingly uncertain international monetary system. This is true despite the fact that the U.S. has achieved its super-power status–in human terms—through free enterprise that unleashed unprecedented production of wealth, while other nations--particularly in Europe--jealously held to socialist doctrine that has seen them regress economically, rather than progress.

And now America, the lone stand-out in individualism and the entrepreneurial ability to produce in ways that have benefited the world, is suddenly and without let-up being forced into a new world economic order mold. America’s swift movement away from the free market methodologies that have made the nation prosper might be dumbfounding from purely humanistic examination. However, when considered in the context of Bible prophecy in these strange times that are almost certainly the end of the age, the question about America’s ultimate destiny begins to come into focus.

The EU being in a highly focal position at this juncture shouldn’t surprise the prophecy student who views Bible prophecy yet future as literal, any more than should the fact that no matter which way the news cameras and microphones turn, covering whatever crisis, the focus always returns to God’s chosen nation, as is the case at present.

Rome is reviving, just as Israel is stage-center. The final act is about to begin.