Nov 4, 2008

The Winds Of Prophetic Change

By Bill Wilson

Both presidential candidates, most likely prompted by their pollsters, said they would bring "change" to America. Its too late for them to be original. America already has changed. Since the passage of Lyndon Johnson's "great society", and probably Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" before that, America has changed in fundamental ways of which the Founding Fathers would never have approved. The concept of the welfare state, abortion on demand, the challenging in courts of using references to God in the public square and the onslaught of social approval of homosexuality have all shaped and formed a new America, quite different from the one created by God through obedient men of God.

But in the past eight years, change in America has accelerated beyond imagination. Under the Bush Administration agreements have been made to turn the United States into part of a North American Union with Mexico and Canada. The goal of this "Security and Prosperity Partnership" according to the Council on Foreign Relations is one security border with shared tariffs-that means a one nation-state between Mexico, Canada and America with common taxes. In addition, President Bush signed an agreement with the European Union to merge many aspects of our economies. The Bush Administration has done many things to change America by reshaping her into part of a one world order.

In addition, the Bush Administration has led the charge for a Palestinian state in Israel. No other president dared to suggest that the Holy Land be split between Israel and terrorists until the Bush Administration came along. Now Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is working overtime to establish such a terrorist state beside Israel and she is applying every bit of political force to divide the Holy City of Jerusalem between the Israelis and the terrorists. The Bush Administration has also tried to legitimize terrorist states and Islamic states with terrorist ties by making them democracies-Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Kosovo, Pakistan-or selling them high-powered US weapons-Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and more.

So Americans have seen a lot of recent change. The most of which came in just the past few weeks when the Federal government was given the authority over private property and bank accounts with the bail out legislation. These are all key areas that change America from a leader of religious freedom and justice around the world to a significant player as part of the one world order. In the absence of change in a different direction, America may have been the last stronghold of Christianity that resisted the prophetic roadmap of the anti-Christ. Revelation 13:7 says, "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." Change is in the air.