Nov 3, 2008

European Leaders Await The New American President In A Time Of Financial Crisis

By Jimmy DeYoung

Leaders in the European Union and in fact all of Europe await the new United States president whether it be Barack Obama or John McCain because Europeans know that the winner will significantly shape United States - European Union relations at a time of the deteriorating global financial crisis.

US elections are watched closely on the other side of the Atlantic for their enormous impact especially at a time when Europe needs America to help tailor a global reform of the financial sector. European leaders say that the transatlantic agenda will be dominated by the global financial crisis and the poor economic prospects for both continents.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The United States presidential election this year will have a major impact on Europe, the Middle East, and, in fact, the entire world - not only politically but prophetically as well.

Millions of American citizens will go to the polls in this presidential election year to cast a vote for the man they desire to lead the United States into the next four years. The results of this election for president will indeed impact our world.

With the financial crisis worldwide, the next United States leader will make decisions that the European leaders hope will move the world toward a global financial structure to bring the world out of the crisis and set the financial world on a solid foundation - at least that is the hope of European leaders. Middle Eastern leaders watch closely as well realizing that the man in the White House does indeed impact the volatile Middle East.

Let me share several prophetic thoughts with you. Bible prophecy speaks of how the financial structure of this world will be controlled by a world leader, a one world leader, the Antichrist from his headquarters in Babylon, the modern-day state of Iraq. These are prophecies that are found in Revelation 13 and 18. The conflict in the Middle East will also be center stage in the last days (Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11, Psalm 83, Obadiah, Malachi 1, and many other passages).

The world indeed will be impacted by this next United States presidency. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.