Jul 22, 2008

Turkish Court To Meet Next Week For Ruling Party's Fate

By Rodrigo Silva

ANKARA (AFP)--Turkey's Constitutional Court will begin final deliberations Monday on whether to outlaw the Islamist-rooted ruling party for anti-secular activity, a court official said Tuesday.

"The court has decided to begin meetings on July 28 in the case against the AKP (Justice and Development Party)," court deputy secretary-general Alparslan Altan told reporters.

Turkey's chief prosecutor asked the court in March to ban the AKP, accusing it of seeking to replace Turkey's secular system with an Islamic regime. He also called for President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and 69 other AKP officials to be barred from party politics for five years.

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Our Prophetic Perspective

The fact that Turkey' s secular government is being replaced with an Islamic regime is a sign that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is on its way to fulfillment. The Bible says that Magog, Torgamah, Meshech and Tubal will be involved in a massive military invasion against Israel. These ancient names represent modern day Turkey which will be allied with other Islamic nations like Iran, Sudan and Libya to invade Israel in the near future. The Turkish court will most likely be a failure in trying to stop Turkey from becoming an extreme Islamic nation because Bible prophecy must be fulfilled.

Walid Shoebat in his new book God' s War on Terror did an excellent job in pointing out that Turkey, not Russia will be the leader of this invasion against Israel and that it could possibly be the nation of the Antichrist. I believe that Assyria will rise as the nation of the Antichrist, but Walid Shoebat gave very strong reasons to support Turkey' s role as the country where the man of sin will come from.