Jul 22, 2008

Health Officials Warn of a Killer Flu Pandemic That Could Kill 50 Million

By Jimmy DeYoung

The British government report recently issued a warning that the world is failing to guard against the inevitable spread of a devastating flu pandemic which could kill 50 million people and wreak massive disruption around the globe.

The report attacked the World Health Organization (WHO) as being dysfunctional and it was critical of the international response to the threat of an outbreak of disease which could sweep across the globe and called for urgent improvements of the rapid response strategies. The report referred to international tourism which has reached 800 million people traveling every year providing fertile ground for pandemic spread of this killer disease.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The urgent warning of a killer flu pandemic in our world today is a precursor to a scenario that is found in Bible prophecy for a future tomorrow.

The British government report warning of a killer flu pandemic that could kill up to 50 million people worldwide is a stark warning that health officials must pay attention to and make ready for such a devastating health crisis. The report says that WHO is not preparing for such an event to happen and thus has no strategy in place to help curb the spread of this deadly flu disease.

This warning must not be taken lightly, especially in light of the words of Jesus Christ and the prophetic passages that are found in the book of Revelation. In His Olivet Discourse, Jesus Christ warned of pestilence across the world as an indication of His soon return to the Earth, Matthew 24:7. This word pestilence means, "pandemic disease", a killer disease of pandemic proportions in our world. John the Apostle wrote 2,000 years ago in Revelation 6:7-8 that one-fourth of Earth's population would die and a pandemic killer disease would be a part of the cause for this massive death total.

The British government report warning of a killer flu pandemic is indeed evidence that the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.