Jul 31, 2008

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Will Resign

By Jimmy DeYoung

In a surprise news conference, the Israeli PM Ehud Olmert made the announcement that he would step down from the leadership of his political party, the Kadima Party, and also resign as PM when his party has selected his successor.

This brings to a close a chapter in Israeli politics that saw a new political party rise to power to see its party leader and PM, Ariel Sharon leave office in a serious medical condition and now, PM Olmert stepping down when he is about to be indited on corruption charges. The Kadima Party will hold primaries for party leadership in September and it is not known whether the new party leader will become PM or the nation will go to early elections.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The resignation of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is evidence that God is in control, especially in human government that will play a key role in the End Times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy.

Since the second Lebanon war in the summer of 2006, there have been calls for Israeli PM Ehud Olmert to step down and let someone else lead the Jewish state. In recent days, the corruption charges leveled against PM Olmert have done a work on the popularity of the prime minister and has brought calls from his own political party for the prime minister to step aside and let the country move forward. With the official announcement from PM Olmert, the political landscape will change within the next several months. Either the Kadima Party will name a replacement for Olmert or the nation will go to early elections.

Either way, Romans 13 comes better into focus where Paul wrote that the Lord sets in place or removes from leadership those who are leading the nations of this world. Revelation 17:17 says the Lord puts in the hearts of world leaders to fulfill His will. God brought human government into existence to lead this world into His plan for history. This is especially key in the Last Days as we see the fulfillment of pre-written history.

The change of leadership in Israel at this time is indeed a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.