Jul 31, 2008

An EMP Strike And The End Of Our Nation As A Superpower Is More likely Than Not Within A Decade

By Don Koenig

This article on the dangers and effects of an EMP [electro-magnetic pulse] is quite informative. I wrote on this issue a few times already, but I think we had all better become more aware of this danger.

A EMP attack is probably the prime event that could eliminate the U.S. from being a factor in end time Bible prophecy. When you read the below article take note that Dr. Graham thinks a EMP could reduce the population of the U.S. to about 30 million people. Dr. Graham is not a crackpot. He is the foremost expert on EMP’s. He knows what he is talking about. The EMP will not kill anyone directly, but it will make all our critical infrastructure systems fail without any hope of a recovery for months or years. We simply could not support most of our population, and people would be dying in days.

This is not idol speculation. This danger is well known by our military and our government, but congress just cannot seem to do what is right to protect America.

This article indicates that Iran is preparing for an EMP attack against America, and if they had such a capability...does anyone doubt that they would use it? For this reason alone we must NEVER allow Iran to ever build nuclear weapons. Some may say they would not dare launch an EMP against the U.S. because it would be the end of them. Well maybe that would be true if you were dealing with sane people. These people think that the Maudi would come and fight for them. Iran could also give a nuke to terrorists and it could be launched from a freighter. So then, do we nuke Iran without proof that they were even behind it? So Iran must NEVER be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Some people say they would not be a threat to our nation, but these people are not seeing the EMP picture. An EMP could bring the end of this nation.

We also could be done in by a single EMP weapon from China, Russia, or even North Korea. China and Russia have both reminded us of that possibility within the last decade. There are other dangers as well, such as Pakistan and non state sponsored terrorist organizations.

I do have to disagree somewhat as to what is the defense against an EMP. This article only talks about a missile shield. An anti missile might intercept a missile fired from another state but it is not likely to intercept a missile from a ship near our coast. It also should be obvious that no state is going to launch an EMP attack on the U.S. and then announce that they did it. So, even if Russia or China were to launch a single missile or two fired from a sub or a surface vessel they will promptly destroy the evidence before we could determine who was behind the attack. So then, do we attack everyone with a EMP capability?

Besides stopping unstable nations from getting nuclear weapons material the single most important thing we can do to protect ourselves from an EMP attack is to harden all our critical infrastructure from the effects of an EMP. It would not cost that much to do. It is simply putting a metal shield around electronic and electrical devices as they are being built. It could be largely accomplished in 5 to 10 years if we started now. However, this EMP threat has been known for decades. After the 9/11 attack, Congress commissioned experts to report on the EMP threat and that report was given to them four years ago but nothing since has been done. The report reads much like this article, but it goes into much more detail.

So with that in mind I would say we can expect an EMP anytime within the next decade...and I would say we will still be completely vulnerable to an EMP attack because our government is irrational and it is not likely that they will take the action necessary to make our infrastructures survivable.

I will also say that this is most likely the way that America will be eliminated from end time prophetic events. That might be a bleak announcement but the probability of an EMP happening and causing the destruction of our population is more likely than not. Especially now that the U.S. government and most people in this nation are denying the God that made the U.S. prosper, and endorsing debauchery.

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