Jul 13, 2008

China’s Missing Women Reveal The End Of The Age

By Don Koenig

There is going to be a documentary on HBO on Monday July 16th about China’s holocaust.

Let me just offer some thoughts while that critical world issue is on my mind. You can also find this and similar information on my website. (World trends section)

I have been saying that the male/female imbalance in China, India and other Far East countries will make up much of the 200 million man army mentioned by Revelation that is prepared for an hour, day, a month, and a year to destroy one third of men on the earth. That army is this one and it will peak in about 25 years.

I say that because the first men of this surplus were born thirty years ago so they will be over 55 and become to old for the army by 2033. China also plans to stop this sex-selection imbalance by 2010. So the surplus male babies will be old enough for this army after 2025. So somewhere between 2025 and 2033 I expect this prophetic war but I also expect it to be when the surplus of men of fighting age peaks. So this means it will probably be closer to 2030-2033.

Also remember they come toward the end of the tribulation so just on this one prophetic event alone it looks like we have only about 15 years until the start of the seventy week of Daniel. I am one of the few that suspects the first seals and the rapture occur a few years before the seventy week because I think the Jews will fulfill it and that it actually starts with the sealing of the 144,000 Jews for their end time commission to preach the gospel of the coming kingdom as a witness. Then the end will come.

All other world trends that I document on my website link above points to the same time period. So expect the next decade to set the stage for all the events of the 70th week of Daniel that will be actually fulfilled in the 2022-2033 period. With that in mind time is getting very short because the rapture, the ride of the four horsemen, the coming persecution at the fifth seal could actually start in a decade.

Look at the world today in any direction that it is heading and you should see these things cannot go on!

China’s continuing 1-child holocaust documented

China’s coercive one-child policy has resulted in sex-selection abortions of some 40 million baby girls and leads to about 70,000 children being sold every year, reveals a new undercover documentary to be shown on HBO next Monday.

“China’s Stolen Children,” narrated by Ben Kingsley, was made by filmmakers posing as tourists and tells of the after-effects of the country’s strict population-control limit of one child per couple through the personal stories of several families.

Headed into its 30th year, the one-child policy is characterized as “the world’s largest experiment in social engineering.” It focuses on the plight of children sold out of fear of government punishment or stolen because of the nation’s unnatural shortage of offspring.

Because of the Chinese government’s obsession with being accepted as a member of the community of civilized nations, Beijing is portrayed as more interested in covering up the epidemic of child theft than in addressing the problem.