Mar 8, 2008

The Common Word

By Michael G. Mickey

A short time ago I read that the Vatican was upset that GOP candidate for president John McCain had accepted the endorsement of John Hagee because of Hagee likening the Roman Catholic Church to the
"great whore of Babylon" and "a cult."

It is quite interesting to me, in light of the offense that was taken at Hagee's remarks, that the Vatican, so shortly after those comments were made in protest of Hagee's position being anti-Catholic, would be observed doing exactly what one would expect the prophesied whore of Babylon to do, which would be to bring our world closer to a one-world religious system that Bible prophecy reveals is going to come into existence in the last days.

Reuters report indicates that Vatican and Muslim leaders, in order to "improve often difficult relations and heal wounds still open" from a 2006 speech Pope Benedict XVI made that insinuated Muslims are spreading their faith through violence, have agreed to establish a permanent official dialogue.

The following is an excerpt from the Reuters report (emphasis added mine):

After the fallout from the Regensburg speech [the Pope's 2006 speech], 138 Muslim scholars and leaders wrote to the German-born pontiff and other Christian leaders last year, saying "the very survival of the world itself" may depend on dialogue between the two faiths.

"Muslims and Christians make up about 55 percent of the world and there will be no peace in the world unless there is peace between these two communities," Ibrahim Kalin of the Seta Foundation in Turkey told the news conference.

The signatories of the Muslim appeal for dialogue, called the "Common Word," has grown to nearly 240 since.

The Common Word?

As soon as I read that the name of the Muslim appeal for dialogue bears the title of the "Common Word" a chill shot down my spine and it should everyone else's as well. Why? Because Islam and Catholicism seeking to find common ground - a Common Word that "the very survival of the world itself" may hinge upon coming into existence no less - doesn't bode well for the future. It does, however, provide us with a glimpse into the prophetic future when all the world will be required to participate in a common global religion that will ultimately feature, as its god, the prophesied Antichrist to come.

While today we are seemingly engulfed in spiritual darkness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is drawing closer with every development of this nature. Ecumenism of the variety described in this commentary is a necessary ingredient for prophetic fulfillment to occur and we can see it clearly taking place in this instance.

Truly, our redemption draweth nigh!