May 7, 2017

SpaceX Plans to Provide Worldwide Internet Access

Elon Musk
SpaceX founder Elon Musk is planning to launch 4,425 satellites to provide high-speed internet to the world.

(FORTUNE)—According to CNBC, SpaceX's Vice President of Satellite Government Affairs Patricia Cooper said Wednesday that the company will begin testing on the satellites later this year. Cooper also said that a prototype will be launched before next year and another again in early 2018. He added that SpaceX wants to begin launching the actual satellite system in 2019.

Musk's company previously filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to launch the satellite system but provided few details on how it would be rolled out.

"Once fully deployed, the SpaceX System will pass over virtually all parts of the Earth's surface and therefore, in principle, have the ability to provide ubiquitous global service," the FCC application reads. "Every point on the Earth's surface will see, at all times, a SpaceX satellite....

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