Apr 18, 2015

Establishment GOP Plots to Empower Obama on "Progressive" Trade

Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting

(THE NEW AMERICAN)—In a controversial move that came as a shock even to many of the American people's elected representatives, a coalition of establishment lawmakers in both parties—primarily Big Government Republicans—unveiled a secretly negotiated globalist plan to empower Obama with "fast-track authority" for "trade." Under the bill, backed by top establishment GOP figures, the administration will have an even freer hand to negotiate pseudo-free trade deals with foreign governments—deals that critics say will harm U.S. sovereignty, the U.S. economy, and more. Despite GOP talking points about "free" trade and "markets," Obama's own AstroTurf group, Organizing for Action, sent an e-mail blast to supporters on Friday boasting that the administration was "crafting a progressive trade agreement."

In a White House blog post, the administration also bragged about how "progressive" its establishment Republican-backed plot was going to be. "Passing a modernized [Trade Promotion Authority] TPA is important for two reasons," the White House said. "First, it will help us close the deal on negotiations in the Asia-Pacific on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP), the most progressive trade agreement in history." (Emphasis added.) The post also boasted about foisting radical new rules and regulations on other nations via "trade" regimes, adding that the "TPP will be the greenest trade agreement in history." Instead of addressing real criticisms, the White House propaganda points mostly attacked strawmen: "We can't afford to close ourselves off," for example.

The "bi-partisan" Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, which would surrender even more congressional authority to the Obama administration, announced by the House and Senate tax committees on April 16, would also make it easier for the White House to surrender even more U.S. sovereignty to international tribunals and bureaucracies under the guise of promoting "free" trade—more properly described as managed trade. Together, the economic super-blocs being concocted under the ObamaTrade scheming would ensnare about two-thirds of the global economy. In other words, the economic regulatory regime developed by Obama, unaccountable bureaucracies, Big Business, and foreign governments will literally dominate the world economy....

If approved by Congress, which has responsibility over trade under the U.S. Constitution, the newly unveiled legislation would grant vast new powers to the administration as it seeks to hammer out a series of deeply controversial "trade" deals. Then, after the White House uses the TPA powers and finalizes the sovereignty-subverting agreements with foreign governments, dictatorships, lobbyists, and crony capitalists, a simple majority of the American people's elected representatives would have a chance for an up or down vote—with no opportunity to amend the agreements at all. And congressmen would be under immense pressure from special interests and high-powered lobbying to ram it all through. Virtually every analyst, official, and even lawmakers acknowledge that foisting the unpopular scheme on an unwilling public will be far easier with TPA....

US-EU Integration

The other controversial deal being pushed by Obama, Big Business, and the establishment wing of both major parties is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It aims to accelerate the "integration" of the United States and the European Union—a goal that globalist operatives openly boasted about in Congress just a few decades ago. If approved, the TTIP scheme would begin a process of "harmonizing" the U.S. and EU legal and regulatory regimes on the road toward even deeper economic and ultimately political merger.

Ironically, a remarkably similar process to the TTIP—in which pseudo-"free trade" regimes morph into more and more autocratic governance systems—was used to secretly subvert the sovereignty of European nations. Beginning with simple "free trade" schemes, globalists were able to foist the unaccountable EU super-state on the peoples of Europe against their will. The transatlantic merger is, in actuality, merely the next phase in a long-term globalist plot to eliminate self-government and national sovereignty around the world, in favor of international governance....

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