Dec 28, 2014

Video: Unauthorized Muslim Construction on Temple Mount

(The Temple Institute) Unauthorized work being done on the Temple Mount floor was filmed today (December 28, 2014). The work, which included the breaking up of the Temple Mount surface by jackhammer, was ordered by the Muslim Waqf.

The area affected was the northern side of the raised platform (the open plaza situated around the Dome of the Rock), in an east-west direction. This area borders the Holy Temple courtyards to the north and under the surface no doubt rest priceless archaeological remnants of the chambers and offices that stretched along the northern wall of the Temple courtyard, such as the Lishkat HaGazit, the Hewn Stone Chamber where the Great Sanhedrin presided.

Israeli law forbids any unauthorized and unsupervised construction or excavation in areas known to be of archaeological significance, and violators of the law can be arrested and imprisoned. Unfortunately, the government of Israel chooses to turn a blind eye to the most aggressive violations of the law which are committed purposefully by the Muslim Waqf on the Temple Mount, thereby rendering the most historically important and spiritually significant site in the land of Israel vulnerable to the rapacious plans of the Waqf, which systematically denies the existence of the Holy Temple and wantonly seeks to destroy any physical evidence of the first or second Holy Temple.

Concerned Jewish worshipers, as well as archaeologists turned to the police for an explanation of the work being done, but as in past times, were met with silence. It is conjectured that the excavation is for the purpose of laying electrical cables...