Aug 14, 2013

Comfort's Anti-Evolution Documentary Challenges Professors

Becky YehBy Becky Yeh

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A film that debunks Darwinian evolution is setting a viewing record and setting up a debate on the topic.

Evangelist Ray Comfort's new film, “Evolution vs. God,” is taking the Internet by storm. In just five days, the film garnered 160,000 views and over 14,000 comments on YouTube.

The film questioned scientific professors, experts and students, and asked them to prove that Darwinian evolution is true. All interviewed were left grasping for answers.

"In 36 minutes it doesn't interview any creationists,” says Comfort. “It’s all evolutionists putting their foot in their mouth and showing that evolution, Darwinian evolution, has nothing.”

“It's unprovable. It's unproven,” continues Comfort. “It's unscientific. It's unsubstantiated, and there's not an ounce of evidence. It was just amazing to watch these four experts in their field groping and gasping like fish on a hot desert floor."

In the film, scientific experts were unable to give Comfort one provable and repeatable example of Darwinian evolution, which demands a change of kinds.

"Obviously birds adapt, their beaks adapt,” says Comfort. “We adapt. When we lift weights, our muscles adapt. That's not evolution. There's no change of kinds."

Comfort is asking Christians to continue sharing the film by visiting