May 21, 2013

Will Republicans Win 2014 Senate Majority?

Chad GroeningBy Chad Groening

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A conservative political scientist believes that Republicans are in great shape to wrest Senate control away from Democrats in the next year.

Political pundits acknowledge a number of factors signal 2014 as the year Republicans may finally remove Harry Reid from his post as Senate majority leader. For one thing, historically, the party out of power wins big during the off-year election after a president is re-elected.

And Dr. Charles W. Dunn, distinguished professor of government at Regent University's School of Government, says Democrats are likely to be hurt by issues like ObamaCare, which retiring Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana) has described as a "train wreck."

Obama Scandals

Scandals Could Hurt Democrats in 2014

"ObamaCare is a train wreck—a train wreck waiting to happen," Dunn says. "If someone of Baucus' stature who helped draft that legislation is saying that, what are other Democrats who were not involved in the drafting of that legislation thinking?

"I think pretty soon they are going to have to begin speaking out against it. They're going to have to run for cover. That's why I would say history is against the Democrats, and issues are against the Democrats."

The political scientist says Democrats could be hurt by scandals like Benghazi and the way the Internal Revenue Service has targeted conservative organizations.

"This could be a Watergate regarding President Obama," he adds. "Right now, Democrats are beginning to run for cover. They recognize that they are in deep trouble. So, right now we're seeing the prelude to a symphony of a great Republican victory in 2014."

The Obama scandals, he adds, will also encourage quality Republicans across the country, believing 2014 is going to be a big year for the GOP, to run for Congress.