Oct 2, 2012

The Day God Set His Own "Red Line"!

Olivier MelnickBy Olivier Melnick
New Antisemitism

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There has been much talk recently about the need for the world community to set a red line in front of Iran's nuclear program. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's UN speech was infused with passion and the determination to clearly delineate how far Iran should be allowed to go with their uranium enrichment before they should be stopped. While there can be some disagreements on where the red line should be drawn, there is NO DOUBT that the need for such a line is a reality that cannot be ignored. Additionally, there is NO DOUBT in the mind of most western leaders that the goal of Iran's nuclear program IS weaponry. We must also keep in mind that the setting of a particular date doesn't preclude anyone (especially Israel) from a pre-emptive strike at any time prior to the deadline.

Israel is on high alert as the whole region of the middle-East continues to be in extreme turmoil. Do we westerners really grasp the gravity of this situation? While people around the world are camping out in long lines to get their hands on the latest iPhone 5, Israelis are lining-up to receive free gas masks for their families in anticipation of a conflict with Iran. Surreal? Maybe to us, but certainly not to Israelis!

While it can be argued that Israel has one of the best armies in the world and while a unilateral strike against Iran is not impossible, now more than ever, Israel's true friends need to identify and align themselves with the Jewish nation. From that regards, it is my conviction that America is at a critical fork in the road. To be sure, we must realize that other countries have also turned their back on Israel, but the precedent set by the Obama administration is forcing America to cross God's red line!

  • Never has an American President been so vocal against Israel and its prime minister than President Obama. We all remember the exchange between President Obama and President Nicolas Sarkozy in November 2012, when they were inadvertently recorded, and Mr. Sarkozy said: "I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar" to which President Obama responded: "You're fed up, but I have to deal with him everyday".
  • President Obama has not made any effort to officially visit Israel since in office. While he certainly isn't the only president who never visited the Holy Land during his term, he is the only one who has been very ambiguous at best regarding America's support. President Obama's extensive travel in the middle-east gives him no excuse to have never stopped in Israel during his presidency. His absence will most certainly be received as a sign of apathy and/or lack of interest if not pure disdain.
  • No American President was ever too busy to turn down a meeting with an Israeli prime minister especially at a critical time such as the current Iran crisis. Yet, President Obama chose a fundraising event with entertainers Jay-Z and Beyonce and an appearance on the David Letterman Show instead of an emergency meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.

But in a more dangerous move than distancing himself from supporting Israel, President Obama is also increasingly aligning himself, his administration and by proxy, America with the enemies of Israel. As a result, America is soon going to be forced into crossing God's red line. The ramifications could be devastating.

Obama’s Red Line

But What Exactly Is God's Red Line?

For that, we must go back several millennia to the day when God first dialogued with Abraham (the father of the Jewish nation). Known as the Abrahamic Covenant, the foundational passage of Scripture first found in Genesis 12:1-3, sets the stage for what has become "God's foreign policy as it pertains to Israel". Blessings will abound for those who love and bless Israel and the Jewish people and curses will fall upon the enemies of Israel. THIS IS God's red line NOT TO BE CROSSED, and it is that simple!

I have always believed that America's prosperity and abundance was linked to her treatment of Israel and the Jewish people. America's financial decline as the world's number one super power is undoubtedly linked to her moral and spiritual declines (including disregard for Israel). The increasingly obvious disdain for Israel displayed by the current administration is pushing America into crossing God's red line from blessing Israel to cursing Israel. No nation has ever gotten away with it since the days of Abraham, why should America be exempt? America doesn't need to be mentioned in the Bible—and it is not—to be in God's crosshair for revenge against the enemies of the "apple of His eye" (Zechariah 2:8).

Sanctions and boycotts against Iran or any other enemies of Israel will never work because as crippling as they might be economically, they will just slow down the process but not eradicate the danger, since these enemies are ideologically but not economically driven. Being on Israel's side is being on God's side. What is so complicated about that?

So, as one who trusts the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with all my heart, I fear for America, if we indeed cross God's red line. While not every American will personally make that move, our country as a whole might never recover if President Obama pushes us over.

Red lines have been and will continue to be set over the course of history.

Red lines have been ignored repeatedly over time for reasons like tolerance or political correctness among others.

God's red line is the one we need to take seriously because political correctness never was part of God's agenda.

May God have mercy on America!