Oct 19, 2012

Mitt Romney: The Kid's Got (Comedy) Chops!

R.J. MoellerBy R.J. Moeller

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For a political junkie like myself, the presidential election season is like a six-month-long Super Bowl. Even when it gets obnoxious, it's awesome. Certainly there is much about the entire process that needs changing, but it is exciting that we still live in a country where ideas (and their representatives) duke it out in the public square.

One of the best parts of the presidential campaign season is the stop both candidates make to the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, held the third Thursday in October.

A key feature about this dinner is that both candidates get about 10 minutes (or, if Candy Crowley is running the clock, President Obama will get about 9% more time) to poke fun at the other. Mitt Romney rocked the house with a very funny performance.

Mitt's NOT a robot and he's not an android and he's not the stiff everyone makes him out to be. Of course Barack Obama has more charisma and charm and all of that. But Romney has been very impressive the past month and I'll be proud to cast my ballot for Old Mittens come November 6th.