Sep 5, 2012

President's Party Consistently Drifting Toward 'Anti-Israel Left'

Charlie ButtsBy Charlie Butts


The Democratic Party platform has dropped Jerusalem as the capital of Israel—a move that doesn't surprise one legal group.

As American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) spokesman David French points out, the party has been "taking on the character and attitudes of the academic left," which has been anti-Israel for a long time.

David French

contrasts between the two parties

"You begin to see that reflected in the actions of the Obama administration … literally dating back to the beginning of his administration when he called for Israel to negotiate with their 1967 borders as the starting position of negotiations rather than something approximating an ending position," French recalls. "It's entirely consistent with their drift towards the anti-Israel left."

The attorney suggests that the two parties' differing level of support for Israel is "quite profound and quite obvious." But the Democratic Party's platform simply encourages Israel's enemies.

"This is just appeasing the genocidal elements of the Arab world that not only seek to deny Israel its own capital, but seek to deny its right to exist," he warns.

Another reason the ACLJ is not surprised by this move is the fact that God was also dropped from the platform. So, while Mitt Romney does recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, French concludes that the contrasts between the two parties "get clearer every single election cycle."