Jun 15, 2012

'The Harbinger' and Biblical Discernment

Don KoenigBy Don Koenig
The Prophetic Years

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I have been emailed a number of times on my view of "The Harbinger" book. My view is that God did not make a covenant with America at its founding. According to scripture, God only has one covenant nation in this world and that nation is Israel. People that see America fulfilling historical Bible passages about events that happened in ancient Israel need to take a course in hermeneutics before they start writing books. If you want more discerning views about “The Harbinger” here is an article from Apprising Ministries, and for the finer details you really should also read this view from T.A. McMahon at Berean Call.

I think both ministries have good biblical discernment, while on the other hand, certain alternative news sites promoting this stuff probably do it because it brings in the bucks. Even if their motives are pure, their theology in this area sucks. Now if one of these people supporting "The Harbinger" theology would use sound biblical exegesis to contradict what was said in the above articles, I would gladly like to read that article.

Jonathan Cahn

America's Future

That is not to say that America is not going to see more judgment if we stay on our current path. Or that America should not be warned that it is on a path to destruction. Some are warning America without making up stories and making scripture conform to their own novel, as if they are anointed to be America’s prophet.

America’s demise if we continue down this road is obvious, but the conjecture that America is fulfilling the same scriptures given to Israel is quite simply another one of many well-meaning but presumptuous theories that are flooding the bookstores and the Internet these days. Why? Because certain people believe they receive direct special or spiritual knowledge and then they search the scriptures for something to support their esoteric conjectures. If the scriptures don’t quite fit, they get out their shoehorn. Or maybe using someone’s paraphrase will do the trick.