Dec 9, 2011

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Do you remember how I've often told you that the march toward the rise of the Antichrist will mostly be slow, but inexorable? Remember, too, how I've said that each new development that paves the way in the end times scenario will seem imminently logical, rational, even necessary at the moment? In other words, conditions on the ground will make the decisions taken almost irresistible.

A recent example of this is the economic chaos currently enveloping our world. As nation after nation faces fiscal collapse, the calls for a centralized system to control the chaos are growing. For many - even some of the smartest among us - a single world authority to control the interlocked global economy seems to be the only solution. Now, the ancient prophets didn't specify exactly why otherwise sensible and intelligent people would accept the total authority of a single man in the last days, they just said that they would. Well, now we can begin to clearly see how that could happen. And when it does, it will be thought to be totally logical, rational, even necessary.

Another example of this inexorable move toward the control of the populace that will be necessary to implement a one-world government occurred right here in the United States just last week. When all is said and done, it may not stand as law, but just the fact that it happened is important.

The U.S. Senate last week passed S.1867 by a vote of 93-7. That bill, known as The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, authorizes the budget authority of the Defense Department for 2012. Whether or not you agree with the fiscal make-up or future implications of that budget, here's the critical part. At the last moment, an amendment, drafted in secret by Senators Carl Levin and John McCain, was added to the bill. That amendment authorizes the use of the US military to arrest and detain people - including American citizens - suspected of terrorist activities. Here's where it gets alarming. For the first time, it authorizes the use of US armed forces for domestic law enforcement within the United States! Further, it allows the military to hold detainees in military facilities for indefinite periods, without charges, and without due process.

It's possible that the reasoning followed this line: One of the greatest weapons that Islamic terrorists - especially homegrown or newly radicalized ones - use against the United States is America's tradition of domestic liberty and freedom of movement and association. Now before you fist pump and yell, "Atta boy! Arrest those terrorists wherever you find them!", consider this: Who determines who's a "terrorist?" In this amendment, apparently the White House gets to make that call.

Uh-oh. If you take just a quick look at the Department of Homeland Security's list of potential terrorists, you'll find Christian extremists, Jewish extremists, anti-immigration extremists, anti-abortion extremists, tax resisters, members of the alternative media, gun owners, former members of the military, and people who stockpile gold or silver. I don't think the "Tea Party" is listed, but it someday might be. Just this week in England, for instance, the government designated some members of the "Occupy London" movement as domestic terrorists.

Hopefully, the media exposure and public outcry will get this provision removed from the final bill, but it nonetheless illustrates how easily these kinds of repressive measures can be implemented. It must have seemed "logical, rational, even necessary" since 93 of our 100 senators voted in favor of it.

Syrian armed forces fire a missile during a live ammunitions exercise in an undisclosed location December 4, 2011Middle East War a Forgone Conclusion?

The Middle East seems to be headed for war. Here's a brief look at recent developments: The latest statements by the leaders of Israel, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah suggest that both sides are not just poised for war in the next few weeks, it's a forgone conclusion. Both Israel and Syria are conducting intensive war games exercises. Israel's air force is also conducting long-range training missions with NATO forces based in Italy.

The United States has moved an aircraft carrier and strike force into the Mediterranean opposite Syria. Russia responded by airlifting 72 of its lethal ship-killer missiles to Syria and dispatched its only aircraft carrier and support group to lie off the Syrian coast. The US then withdrew its carrier from the danger zone, but has apparently moved another carrier group into position off the coast of Iran.

Several international newspapers are reporting that Saudi Arabia is so concerned about the progress of Iran's nuclear weapons program that it has secretly agreed to allow Israel's air force to overfly its territory in a strike on Iran. In fact, observers say that the Saudis have actually practiced "standing down" their air defense system.

Analysts report that the United States also seems to be stepping up its expansion of military ties with the Persian Gulf states that oppose Iran.

I don't believe that what we're seeing take shape now will become the predicted "Gog-Magog" war. This means that whatever action Israel and others may take against Iran will still leave it a viable nation. The Bible says that Iran will later join a military confederacy with Russia against Israel. Also, Ezekiel says that at the time of the Gog-Magog war, Israel will be living in peace and security without feeling the need for "bars nor gates." Obviously, that does not describe Israel's situation today - or any other day since its founding in 1948.

It's possible that if Israel strikes Iran and scores a military victory, it will experience the same post-victory response that the United States experienced after the Gulf War in 1991. Though most of the Arab world hated and feared Saddam Hussein - and cheered when we defeated him - the ease with which we accomplished the victory inspired both fear and jealousy. Some of those who sided with us then are our adversaries now. And since Israel already has so few friends and allies in the world, if it "defeats" Iran and suffers the same post-victory alienation, it will probably become totally isolated from the world. And that will make it an even more compelling target for its enemies - just as the ancient prophets foretold.

Finally, this week I want to continue my short series of Christmas meditations. I'm going to address a question that seems too simple to ask, yet may be deceptively complex to quickly answer: "Who is the Son of God?"

The perspective I provide this week may help make this Christmas season even more meaningful for you and your family.

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