Nov 25, 2011

TSA Getting Serious

Daniel PipesBy Daniel Pipes

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Finally, a first sensible step toward airplane security in the United States.

It's got a cumbersome bureaucratic name ("Expedited Screening Pilot Program") as well as a shortened name for public use: "TSA Pre√," (pronounced, one assumes, "t-s-a pre-check").

TSA tests pre-screening program at Atlanta airport.Starting with two airlines (Delta and American) at four airports (Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, and Miami), airline passengers in various "trusted traveler" programs (Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI) are eligible for expedited screening through designated screening lanes and for other future benefits, such as keeping shoes on, leaving liquids and a computer in their bag, and keeping on jackets and belts.

About time. Maybe this will be a move in the direction away from TSA's insistence on security theater.

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