Sep 2, 2011

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Hal LindseyBy Hal Lindsey
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Apparently, the end is near for Libya's dictator, Muammar Gaddafi - or at least the end of his regime. However, the Libyan rebels will not be able to claim complete victory until they have Gaddafi in their custody, either dead or alive. In their own words, until he is captured, he is capable of inflicting "awful damage" with his arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

As of now, both NATO and the Libyan rebels believe Gaddafi and the forces loyal to him may be holed up in his seaside stronghold of Sirte. That's where the next fighting will take place.

Moammar GadhafiSix months and more than a billion dollars later (and that's just what the United States has spent), mighty NATO has still not finally deposed the lone wolf strongman - and a physically diminished one, at that.

But that's not the most disturbing aspect of the Libyan war. I think it's the fact that we don't really know for sure who it is that we've been helping. We assume that many of them are honest Libyans wanting to rid their country of a brutal dictator - one who rivaled Saddam Hussein - and who, through his sponsorship of the bombing of Pan Am 103, directly attacked America. But we also know that many of them are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Some of the rebel commanders have told the European press that they either support al-Qaeda or are associated with that group.

So who knows what kind of "government" will emerge from the chaos of the Libyan uprising.

In view of this somewhat uninspiring victory, is it possible that NATO will now turn its attention to deposing another reviled dictator - Bashar al-Assad of Syria?

Iran has entered the picture by warning the West not to interfere in Syria's affairs. But the continuing brutality of the Assad regime against the Syrians who oppose his dictatorship has finally caught the attention of even the United Nations Human Rights Council. The UNHRC, which has traditionally existed for the sole purpose of trying to destabilize and delegitimize Israel, finally had to acknowledge that all is not right with one of its members - Syria. So now the UNHRC has decided to condemn Assad's regime and demand his arrest for crimes against humanity.

The troubling aspect of this situation is that, in an act of desperation to deflect attention from his regime, military observers worry that Assad may launch an attack against Israel. It would be calculated to rally the Syrians and the Arab and Muslim nations to Syria's defense. But the prophet Isaiah warns that an action like that would be a serious miscalculation on Syria's part. It may not be now, but Isaiah warns that at some point, Syria will attack Israel. That will bring about the immediate, utter destruction of Damascus, the oldest continually inhabited city in the world.

The Muslims have done a terrific job of intimidating the rest of the world into silence. No criticism of Islam is tolerated. Even the political cartoons critical of Mohammed a few years ago caused rioting and murder at the hands of Muslims both in the Middle and Far East and in Western Europe. When the Muslims demonstrate in Europe, they often carry signs that say anyone who criticizes Islam should be beheaded. And, sometimes, they follow up on their threats.

When a pastor in Florida burned a Koran a few months ago, hardly anyone in the world noticed. However, radical imams in a remote part of Afghanistan seized on the event and whipped up a crowd to storm a UN building in their city. Several UN workers and Afghans died. Everyone blamed the US pastor, but no one condemned Afghan President Hamid Karzai for seeming to publicly encourage retaliation or the three radical imams for leading the rioters to the UN outpost. That sounds like a double standard to me.

Which brings me to the recent news about Iran's burgeoning Bible-burning industry. In one incident alone, 6,500 Bibles were burned in northern Iran. Everybody in the Mainstream Media yawned. No howls of condemnation. Yet reports are suggesting that Bible burnings and other orchestrated programs of intimidation and persecution are increasingly being pursued by the government of Iran and the Mullahs who run the place.

Interestingly, there have been thousands of Bibles burned, churches and relics desecrated, Muslim converts to Christianity imprisoned and sentenced to death, yet no vast, violent protests by Christians. No Ayatollahs or Mohammeds burned in effigy. No imams or commentators hunted down and murdered by Christians.

I guess this is a perfect illustration of how followers of Mohammed value death while followers of Christ value life. Islam is a religion which may preach peace, but practices intolerance, subjugation, and violence. Christians preach love and tolerance and practice it by allowing those who oppose Christianity to do so openly and safely in their midst - something Islam never has and never will do.

Also this week, I'll take a look at what the recent uptick in UFO sightings may indicate. And I'm going to tell you what I think about UFOs and ETs. Plus, I'll share with you bits of a report on some 'scenario-fantasizing' by a couple of researchers associated with NASA and Penn State. Let me just say that Al Gore is probably beaming! Fortunately, NASA is already trying to create some distance from the shenanigans.

Finally, even though some NASA wonks may be trying to prepare for one alien invasion, it appears that the US government may be welcoming another. Even the liberal newspaper, The Detroit News, sees what's happening. In a surprising editorial, the News implies that President Obama is behaving more like a dictator than a President. The editors write,

"President Obama's strategy is clear. When the Congress doesn't adopt his agenda, he'll do it himself. The expansion of executive power is on display again with the President's plan to virtually stop enforcing immigration laws."
They conclude,
"Bush's power grabs pale in comparison to Obama's."
At least the aliens - illegal or otherwise - will be happy.

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