Aug 3, 2011

IDF Reserves Likely to Be Mobilized in September

Chris SchangBy Chris Schang
The Rapture Report

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With the countdown for the Palestinian state bid at the UN ticking away, a news article today reports that former IDF chief Shaul Mofaz has stated that he believes that an activation of reserves will be needed next month in order to counter any "trouble" from the Palestinians. This declaration is not surprising but this is the first I have heard from an official that the reserves maybe called up. The YNetNews website reports:

Shaul MofazFormer IDF chief MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) said Tuesday that it is highly likely the military will mobilize Reserve forces – to some extent – in September, either ahead or pursuant to the Palestinian Authority's unilateral UN bid for statehood.

"We have to look the public in the eye and tell the truth. September can potentially turn into a violent, painful event, with unclear results," Mofaz told Army Radio.
These comments are very disturbing in that they tell the plain truth about what could happen next month as we approach the September session of the UN where the Palestinians are expected to try to get the organization to recognize a Palestinian state based on 1967 "borders" and with Jerusalem as it's capital. These demands by the Palestinians are ironic in that the Palestinians won't even recognize Israel, yet they still expect others including Israel to recognize them. This is the kind of logic that surrounds the Middle East and is one of the reasons why there is nothing but trouble going on all the time.

In other news, it is being reported that Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah escaped what is being called an attempt to assassinate him when a "bomb" exploded in a nearby building where it is rumored that Nasrallah was meeting with Hezbollah commanders. The YNetNews website reports:
A mysterious blast that occurred in the Hezbollah stronghold of Dahiya has inspired a number of explanations, and on Monday the Kuwaiti paper al-Jarida joined the fray by extrapolating that its intention was to assassinate the leader of the Lebanese group, Hassan Nasrallah.

The unconfirmed report alleges Israel received information that Nasrallah was meeting with a number of commanders in a building nearby the one in which the explosion occurred.
However, further reports indicated that the explosion was probably caused by a gas tank exploding in a nearby area. However, this still did not stop the conspiracies that Nasrallah was being targeted despite the absence of evidence showing this to be true. It is reported that a Hezbollah group quickly cleaned up the scene and collected the evidence. This could be so that they can claim to have evidence that the "Zionists" were behind the explosion. As we all know, everything that goes wrong in the Middle East is blamed on Israel and any chance to "stir the pot" against Israel is always welcomed. Whether we will ever know exactly what happened, I would not be surprised if someone was trying to get Nasrallah. Since the Lebanon war he has basically lived the life of a snake living in a hole in the ground. In addition to these events there are reports that a firefight erupted on the border with Lebanon the other day when a LAF agent shot at IDF forces on the other side of the border. Many have called these kind of exchanges a possible ignitor for a widespread conflict. In my opinion we need to watch the region closely as September approaches. It would not be surprising to see the Islamists stirring up trouble especially with the ongoing protests in the region that have now engulfed countries like Syria, etc.

Let us continue to watch the region and the political developments as we move into a very uncertain time with the expected push for recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN. The region is really getting hot and tension filled. If the US uses it's veto power in the UNSC as we have indicated that we will, things could be pushed into the unknown. In the meantime, keep looking up, our redemption is drawing nigh! God bless.

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