Aug 1, 2011

'Humanimal' Research Should Inspire Regulations

Charlie ButtsBy Charlie Butts

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Scientists have secretly created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British labs over the past three years as researchers look into possible cures for diseases.

The 2008 Human Fertilization Embryology Act legalized the creation of such "cybrids," prompting a committee of scientists to warn of a Planet of the Apes-type of situation.

The U.K. labs at King's College London, Newcastle University, and Warwick University have currently stopped creating the hybrids because of a lack of funding, but they are expected to continue the work in the future. So Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council (FRC) tells OneNewsNow his group is now suggesting the need for regulation.

"What they're really wanting, though, is ... some sort of stamp of legitimacy so that they can continue doing these and even more odious types of research and combinations," Prentice contends. "This is something that they should just be told, 'No, you can't do this.'"

He points out that some scientists in the U.S. want to do the same type of experiments, and that previous bills to ban the practice have failed in Congress. But he is hopeful a fresh attempt will be made.

Meanwhile, "a number of state legislatures have actually taken up this idea and said no - at least in our state and with our state taxpayer funds - we won't support this kind of research," the FRC spokesperson notes. "So, we do need laws on the books to say 'no taxpayer funding' and ... 'it's illegal to do this.'"

Prentice further argues the research will not provide cures for diseases, which is the contention of the scientists who do the experiments. Thus far the only research proven to achieve viable results is with adult stem cells.

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