Jul 28, 2011

Tea Partiers Urging Lawmakers to Stand Firm

Russ JonesBy Russ Jones

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On Wednesday, the American Grassroots Coalition and the Tea Party Express gathered activists on Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to stand firm and to keep pressure on Republicans in deficient reduction negotiations.

Tea party rally on Capitol Hill draws thin crowdWith a large contingent of reporters on hand, the tea party rally fizzled, as only a few dozen interested citizens showed up. The present activists held signs that read "cut spending" and "no surrender," urging Republicans to hold the line for the "cut, cap and balance" proposal.

Mary Beam says she brought her three children to the rally to teach them a lesson on government and spending.

"I brought the kids to teach them that if you spend too much money, you're going to go into debt. And if you want to keep going into more debt, keep spending more money," she explains. "They said, 'That's crazy;' they even know."

Presidential candidate Herman Cain of Georgia and conservative Senators Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah all showed up to urge members to avoid supporting an increased debt limit.

New York Congressman Michael Grimm (R) says he is reluctantly going along with the Republican debt reduction plan.

"We've got to make sure we're playing chess here, not checkers," he contends. "We've got to think long-term, and we've gotta make sure that this is viewed as a move towards a more ultimate goal."

One group, Tea Party Nation, has issued an online call for House Speaker John Boehner to step down, as they say his proposed cuts are too small. But Rep. Joe Walsh's (R-Illinois) reply to that request is, "That's not proper [or] appropriate. That's not even part of this discussion right now."

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