Jul 26, 2011

Golden Bell Found from Second Temple Era

Chris PerverBy Chris Perver
Prophecy in the News

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Archaeologists excavating near the pool of Siloam have discovered a golden bell dating back to the Second Temple period. The bell features a loop at the top for threading onto a garment, and is thought to have belonged to a person of high authority of that time, perhaps even the high priest. The Bible mentions golden bells and golden pomegranates adorning the robe of the high priest as he ministered in the Temple. The bell was found in the main drainage channel of the City of David, which is close to the Temple Mount.

"Apparently, the high official was walking in the Jerusalem street in the vicinity of Robinson's Arch and lost the gold bell that fell from his garment into the drainage channel beneath the road," the IAA said, noting that Jewish high priests were known to have bells sewn onto their robes. "It is impossible to know for certain if the bell did indeed belong to one of the high priests; however, the possibility should not be entirely discounted."
It is amazing that this golden bell, dating from the Second Temple period, should be discovered at this precise moment in time. The bell represents further proof, if any was needed, that there was indeed a Jewish presence in this part of Jerusalem over two thousand years ago. And perhaps, if the bell did belong to the high priest of Jesus' time, would be further evidence that a Jewish Temple once stood on the ground now occupied by the Dome of the Rock. Today the Islamic Waqf generally deny that any Jewish Temples were located in this area. The Palestinian Authority is also demanding that the City of David, and the entire Old City of Jerusalem, become the future capital of a Palestinian state.

2,000-year-old bell found by Israeli archaeologists in JerusalemThis bell also reminds us that there is a day coming in which the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt. The Temple Institute, which have tasked themselves with preparing for the rebuilding of the Temple, have already completed the manufacture of the High Priest's garments which are to be used in its administration. Bible prophecy foretells of a day in which the Temple will be rebuilt (Revelation 11:2) and the old covenant sacrificial system recommenced (Daniel 9:27), but also predicts that the Antichrist will ultimately defile it (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

The bell also reminds us of something else. The perfect sin offering of the Messiah.
And beneath upon the hem of it thou shalt make pomegranates of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, round about the hem thereof; and bells of gold between them round about: A golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of the robe round about. And it shall be upon Aaron to minister: and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unto the holy place before the LORD, and when he cometh out, that he die not (Exodus 28:33-35).
Whenever the High Priest went into the Holy of Holies with the blood of the sin offering on Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement, the bells on the hem of his robe would sound as he walked. The purpose of the bells was to prove to the people waiting outside that the High Priest was still alive, and that the Lord had accepted the sin offering for the people and he had not been slain. The bell reminds us of that perfect sin offering made by our Great High Priest (Hebrews 4:14). He entered into the presence of God to make atonement for our sins. He went in not with the blood of bulls and goats, which can never take away sin (Hebrews 10:3-4). But He entered into that Holy Place with His own blood (Hebrews 9:12). The old covenant sacrifices could only cover the sin of the people for another year, but our Great High Priest has put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself (Hebrews 9:26). For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are sanctified (Hebrews 10:14). Praise God that His sacrifice was well-pleasing to God (Isaiah 53:11). And all who believe on Him for salvation can have the forgiveness of sins. What is His name? His name is Yeshua HaMaschiach, Jesus Christ. Trust in Him for salvation today.

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