Jun 2, 2011

Win the 2012 Presidential Election Through the Sarah Palin Model

Don KoenigBy Don Koenig
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Sarah Palin has a Christian concept of God, and a personal moral agenda, and now, pleasing the mainstream media and the entrenched political establishment in America is obviously not in her political playbook. Palin is one of the few people who might run for President that has a campaign model needed to win against the Democrats in 2012. No Conservative will win the 2012 presidential election by trying to please the radical left that have almost total control over the mainstream media. These leftists hate everything we Christians and conservatives stand for.

Palin stands for a Christian concept of God, moral conservative principles based on the Bible, and a literal interpretation of our Constitution; she believes in individualism and in keeping the federal government out of our lives as much as possible by limiting the size of federal government. The radical left hates God, they hate moral instruction, and they love statist big government with its control freak agenda to control every move of every creature on earth that breathes.

The mainstream media has done all they can to destroy Sarah Palin, but they have not succeeded. For that reason, she frustrates and infuriates them. The fact that Palin has survived all their mean-spirited attacks, and might even be a viable leading presidential candidate makes them go into panic mode. It is becoming obvious that the mainstream media is obsessed with Palin’s every action in order to continue to try to destroy her. She has a way of making their obsession backfire on them and it gets her a lot of talking points and free publicity.

Palin is not going to make the same mistake she made in 2008 when running for Vice President as a token conservative with McCain. This time she is not going to let the Republican establishment tell her what she can or cannot say. She is going to say the words that heartland conservatives in this nation want to hear. There is not going to be any pandering by Palin to try to get a few stray votes from the political center and the RINO’s. She will keep putting out strong conservative positions on all the issues.

I am not saying that Palin is the best candidate for the job. I do not know enough yet about all the possible candidates that will be running to make that determination, but Sarah Palin is showing the Republicans the model to win. Her model is the only way that the Republican will be able to win the 2012 presidential election in a nation where most of the media is controlled by the radical left. To win, conservative candidates will have to go directly to the American people and speak against the wrong-headed bankrupt programs and the unrealistic Marxist idealism of the ruling humanistic utopian liberals.

The way to win the election is to speak the plain truth to the American people in the language that they understand, realizing that at least half of them are brainwashed, and that they need to be deprogrammed with the facts and the truth. Any candidate must realize that they will have to counter the leftist spin doctors and their flagrant lies by presenting the people with the unvarnished truth and the facts over and over again until the truth sinks in. Many if not most American people have been brainwashed by the constant droning coming from the mainstream talking heads and Hollywood script writers that now incorporate leftist doctrine into almost all the entertainment programs seen on TV and in films.

Even so, even the brainwashed in America know if they have become worse off during the Obama’s “recovery” or not. Obama ran in 2008 on “change” but the change he brought has made any real recovery from the 2008 downturn impossible.

During the 2012 campaign, Obama will not have any truthful facts showing any major successes and it is very likely that the economy will even get worse. Obama will harp on patience. He will ask the people to give him more time for his programs to work, and he will keep claiming that things are slowly getting better using manipulated statistics. He will lie through his teeth and mainstream media will continue to reinforce his lies. So any winning campaign will have to expose the lies for what they are with the facts. They will also need to offer the people some hope that is based on sound moral and economic principles instead of the liberal socialism that cannot bring prosperity in reality.

Conservatives are going to lose the election if they again support a centrist or RINO and split the party, and they will lose if they let the mainstream media set the rules for the election debate. They will lose if they cannot clearly communicate solutions and give people hope. They will lose if they do not work mainly through alternate media and through direct communications in town hall type meetings. They will lose if they do not make the liberal press look like the mean-spirited hacks that they have become. They also will lose even if they win with another compromiser that continues the same old “progressive” agenda. They could win the election and still lose the country. A Real conservative candidate must convince Americans that they have answers to our problems or the Republicans will not have any change of winning.

Republican candidates need to watch Sarah’s Palin’s methods in her run up to a possible presidential campaign. Whether Palin actually runs or not, they will still need her support to win. She is getting $75,000 a speech for good reason, she stimulates and inspires conservatives. The liberal press tries to take her down for that reason. This woman will not be bullied by the spin of the mainstream liberal media. She says what she believes, even if it is not politically correct. Such boldness coming from a conservative woman against the liberal lies makes them emotional and then they lose control and expose themselves when they wet their pants in public.

I think some in the liberal press will soon have a nervous breakdown trying to take down this mommy grisly from Alaska. She is a genuine individualist in the best American tradition. They do not want to meet with her one-on-one because she will devour them. Her words have teeth and her individualist spirit is real. The guns and religion that she clings to will only be mocked at by the liberals to the disdain of the vast majority of people in heartland America.

Having said that, I do not think Sarah Palin could get elected today in America because of the liberal rhetoric. Even so, their attacks on her could very well backfire. Especially if the American people get totally fed up with the existing establishment that includes many establishment Republicans. In any case, whoever is running against the liberals should study Palin’s methods because they will need to learn how to re-spin the lying leftist media spin to their own advantage. Whoever runs, better be able to communicate to Americans that the radical left that controls the mainstream media are in reality domestic enemies of America. They have always hated America and they are always on the wrong side of anything that most of America supports.

They are traitors and cowards and dreamers that sell their soul and their country for some collective earth where all humankind agrees to play by the world government rules and have equal shares in the world collective (except the √©lite). That earth will only exist in their humanistic and New Age minds but that won’t stop them from trying to force their phony utopia upon us. The Sarah Palin model if carried out in earnest will stop them from destroying America.

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