Jun 14, 2011

Will Mr. Obama Gracefully "Bow" Out of a Second Term?

Fred DeRuvoBy Dr. Fred DeRuvo

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"There are days when I say one term is enough." [1]
These words from Mr. Obama could signal the beginning of the end for him if they are sincerely meant, as opposed to simply being a way to find out who really wants him to run for a second term.

After all, considering how much damage he has done since becoming president as well as the number of voices he has had to listen to since before being sworn in, I imagine it gets pretty tiring having to do other people's bidding, while pretending it's your own.

What fascinates me is how many people still believe that Mr. Obama is the best thing this country has ever had. Bumper stickers are popping up with Obama for 2012 here and there and the average person seems to believe whatever they hear on CNN, lock, stock, and barrel, without question.

The reality seems to be that aside from pushing this country so far into debt it may never fully recover, it is obvious that Mr. Obama's policies (such as they are) have been one disaster after another. What has he effectively accomplished?

He has created a massive healthcare bill that is allegedly mandatory, yet so many people, groups, districts and even nearly some entire states have been exempted from it, that one wonders why it is called mandatory. Beyond this, he will go down in history as the first president to ever lead the way toward suing one of the states within the United States and inviting presidents and dictators from other countries to join that suit.

Moreover, Mr. Obama has seemed unable to spend U.S. tax dollars fast enough, putting us in the hole by over one trillion dollars at the end of this year. He shows no effort to keep illegal aliens out, instead seemingly wanting to get rid of our borders altogether. He apparently believes that our borders to the south have never been more secure, yet that is an obvious untruth.

He has appointed people to high places in our government that are allegedly tied with terrorist organizations and/or they are completely inept to have been appointed to the post they now enjoy.

As we continue to read the interview with Mr. Obama and Ann Currie, it becomes clear that the "I'm not sure about running for a second term" is simply hot air, because he quickly followed that statement up with "What keeps me going is a belief that the work that we started in 2009 is not yet complete." [2]

In truth, the work he began needs to continue if he and his administration is going to successfully destroy what is left of America. Of course, to supporters of Mr. Obama, that sounds like fighting words, but in truth, we are fighting. We are fighting to retain the values that this country was founded upon, values that Mr. Obama seems to be at odds with and proves it at every turn.

Again though, Mr. Obama seems to leave the door open about a second term when the stated article stated, "If Obama decided for any reason not to pursue a second term, his family would not be disappointed." [3]

So what's it going to be, Mr. Obama? Are you going to continue on your path of destruction where America is concerned, or are you going to realize that once was enough and maybe it's better to bow out now, rather than go down in history (like Carter) as a president who was unable to become re-elected after his first term in office?

That's got to be embarrassing, don't you think? Imagine riding on this tsunami wave into the Oval Office as Mr. Obama did in 2008, only to see that wave turn into a sinkhole. At least if he opts not to run for a second term, he can say it was his choice, not the voting public's choice.

Of course, if Mr. Obama does not run, that means that Biden just might. No worries there since most people know that he is a master at speaking out of both sides of his month at the same time with that ever-present smile that is supposed to disarm, but instead simply impresses us with his ability to lie.

I'm quite sure that there are millions of Christians round the world praying that in 2012, the presidential election will usher in a new person to the White House, a person who actually represents as many Americans as possible, not simply a few fringe groups. It is certainly clear to me that if Mr. Obama is re-elected as president, it's because God wants that to happen. If so, then we can only assume that the Tribulation spoken of in Scripture is not that far off.

Whether Mr. Obama is re-elected or not, it is God who sets up "kings" and deposes of the same. God is in charge, not Mr. Obama, not George Soros, not anyone. God is the One who brings His plans and purposes to fruition...often whether anyone likes it or not.

My advice to Mr. Obama is go with his gut - opt out of the 2012 presidential election. Mr. Obama needs to do his part to Save America!

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