Jun 1, 2011

Obama and Israel: Is it Ignorance or Arrogance?

Jan MarkellBy Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries

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The fanfare is over. Benjamin Netanyahu has left the building. He has returned to Israel and he and the Israelis realize that they are on their own. The President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has identified himself as the most anti-Israel President in history. But he does not speak for all of the American people and he does not speak for all of Congress. There may be only a few issues in Washington that have bi-partisan support, but one of those issues is that both the Right and the Left in Congress - with a few exceptions - remain an ally of God's covenant land. Many of them are trying to hold back the water from the hole in the dam that would make the Islamic empire the chosen people.

My only surprise concerning the Netanyahu-Obama events was the people's surprise! That is, that the American people reacted with seeming shock at the events that transpired from May 19-23. It was a slam dunk that this would happen! One can start with Obama's book The Audacity of Hope. In it he states, "When the ill winds blow, I will always stand with the Muslims." And wasn't it just a few short months ago that Obama ditched Netanyahu and company at the White House for dinner with his family. It was that meeting where Bibi Netanyahu was lectured and left stunned and bewildered - and then he actually came back for more!

Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council looks back to November 2010 when Obama went to Indonesia specifically to harass Israel. Blackwell states, "In going to Jakarta, Indonesia, Obama literally went to the ends of the earth to give voice to his displeasure (over Israel). He emphasized his opposition to the policies of the elected government of Israel. He used his Jakarta platform to complain about Israel building apartments for her growing population. Where? In Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. To make matters even worse, Jakarta is a city no Israeli is allowed to enter! The symbolism of saying what he said in the country and city where he said it is simply atrocious."

All of the turmoil of the last two weeks comes at the time when Israel is about to celebrate the 44th anniversary of her recapture of Jerusalem. This took place June 7, 1967. Understand that Jerusalem is the heart of the issue. Let me give you the key to unraveling the end-time code God has given us. Remember three things: Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount, in that order. And Jesus returns to rule and reign out of Jerusalem - not New York, or Cairo, or London. On June 7, 1967, Israeli soldiers defied all odds as they were outnumbered, yet they recaptured both the old city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Moshe Dayan made a serious mistake by giving back the Temple Mount to the Islamic world as their golden-domed mosque sits on top of that sacred place. The Muslim world didn't love him one iota for his gesture of good will. They just sat down and planned the next war!

Don't ever get stressed about Israel's survival. Be justifiably concerned about America's. God will always watch over His covenant land and people. "He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps" (Psalm 121:4). One hundred million Arabs have tried to annihilate her since 1948, and they have consistently struck out. But every American who is concerned about the security of the United States should be livid and should tremble for our nation. The U.S. President just abandoned his responsibility to defend America and its interests with his objective of coddling America's worst enemies. In fact, this President is favoring the enemies of God because you are an enemy of God if you want to side with those committed to annihilating Israel.

One of the strongest delusions today is that if there were just a two-state solution between Israel and "Palestine," there would then be world peace.

Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post says, "Conceptually and substantively, Obama has abandoned the U.S. alliance with Israel." She boldly and appropriately clarifies that Obama has abandoned America more than Israel. She gets it.

But this scenario is not all dark! Now that the most powerful man in the world has turned on the Jewish state and on God, perhaps that beleaguered nation will begin to turn her eyes to the One who formed a covenant with her millennia ago. We know that in a future war known as the Gog-Magog invasion in Ezekiel 38-39, Israel will be forced to reach out to God for help. The passage indicates that there will be no earthly ally to help her. Zechariah 12 indicates she will be friendless as well. Right now Canada's Stephen Harper remains a friend, but few other prominent leaders will do that.

In the meantime, another "peace" flotilla to Gaza is on its way in June; the threat of a unilaterally created Palestinian state is set for September; a now wide-open border from Egypt into Gaza is operating; and al-Qaeda leadership is applauding the Arab Spring. They are assisting with the installation of radical Islam into the governments of many nations that are toppling their leaders. Another major Middle East war is being coordinated as I write these words.

The stage is set. America has played a key but a bitter role. The world is headed in a frightful direction. The President of the United States is steering a sinking ship. Obama's actions against Israel reflect both ignorance and arrogance. Such perilous times only remind us that the King of kings' return is imminent. If you look up and not around, you will maintain a level of peace.

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