May 3, 2011

Russia Will Not Support UN Resolution Against Libya

August RosadoBy August Rosado
Today in Bible Prophecy Ministries

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Russia said it will not support any UN Security Council resolution against Libya and it's dictator, Col. Momar Qaddaffi. Russia claims such resolutions will only deepen the the already unstable nation. Opposition forces are trying to remove the dictator from nearly 34 years of rule in the Arab nation. Russia has always "cozied" up with Arab nations simply because of a dirty three letter word, "oil."

Bible prophecy tells us that Arab and Islamic nations will join Russia when they invade the Jewish State of Israel in the end times. The Jewish prophet Ezekiel in chapters 38-39 prophesied that Gog-Magog (Russia) will lead a coalition of nations against the Jews, in an attempt to eliminate the Jews. among them will be "Persia" when in 1932 changed their name to Iran, an Islamic State bent on Israel's demise.

Russia and Iran have had an unholy alliance, even conducting joint military exercises in the Caspian Sea. Other Arab nations will be Ethiopia, Libya, and Turkey, an Islamic nation known as "Gomer Togarmah, Meshech and Tubal." Russia is as much an enemy to Israel as is Iran, and God says he will destroy these nations who come up against the Jews in the end times. The Bible says their bodies will lie among the mountains of Israel (Ezek 39:4).

It's no surprise that Russia will not support any UN resolution against Libya, nor will they against the terrorist state Iran. Because Bible prophecy is on course to being fulfilled and the Rapture to soon take place. The events taking place are showing that we have such precious little time left. We should keep looking up! and praying Maranatha! Even so come Lord Jesus.

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