Apr 11, 2011

It’s the Economy, Not So Stupid!

Terry JamesBy Terry James
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Many of us remember the slogan the Bill Clinton political machine bombarded us with during Clinton’s 1992 presidential bid: “It’s the economy, stupid!” The mainstream media took the slogan and used it like a shillelagh to beat George H. W. Bush and secure for Clinton his first term. The slogan’s meaning was that all other considerations were secondary, or didn’t matter at all. People were to think how economically bad it had been under George Bush 41.

Well, in my view, the slogan was at that time a sham, to use another Irish term. It was a phony charge – a political tool without merit. I say that, because looking back at the time of the closing days of Bush’s one term, the economy was like a boom cycle as compared to the ominous bust time the national and world economy faces at present.

People were to be considered “stupid” who didn’t agree that Bill Clinton was the answer to the supposed money woes Democrat Party campaigners claimed voters of that pre-Clinton presidency faced. The Obama administration has brought America a national debt that currently stands at $14.2 trillion, with a real unemployment rate which is at, some experts say, 13 percent or so and about to rise drastically.

Members of each party can be faulted for much of what we face economically. But, it is primarily the party which Mr. Obama now leads that has been responsible for running up spending totals with entitlement programs that have bankrupted the U.S. That party has been almost exclusively responsible for increasing America’s debt by trillions in the first two years of this president’s administration. The housing bubble that burst was a creation by that party for the most part. Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, and others like them, passed legislation, then had oversight for administrating a scam of monumental magnitude. In order to secure votes for their party – again, in my perception of the matters involved — these and their ilk saw to it that thousands upon thousands of people who couldn’t afford much more than the lowest rents available got mortgage loans for houses that only the affluent, can in reality, afford. This, all in the name of “fairness,” in the woolly minds of those who it seems after all are the “stupid” ones among us.

But they aren’t stupid; rather, they are clever and conniving in their understanding of how the American political process works. Now, as Mr. Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has said about America deserving the 9/11 attack by the Muslims, "The chickens have come home to roost.” Now the price must be paid for the insanity perpetrated by the supercolossal debacles that were Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, and the stimulus bail-outs of companies and institutions “too big to fail.”

In considering what’s important in making decisions politically, personally, spiritually, and in every other way, the central issue is unmistakable. In the current season of unprecedented fiscal storms, the problems are in our face. It is the economy, to all who are not “stupid.” If we don’t make wise decisions this time around, there might not be any more times around for the American way as we’ve known it.

All who come to raptureready.com on a regular basis know that we first and foremost put forward Jesus Christ as the answer to all problems. God’s plan for His creation called man is the only antidote to the evil that bombards and penetrates our daily lives. The love of money, as we know, is the root of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 6: 10). So, the foundational problems at the very core of life upon this fallen planet involve monetary matters – the economy.

Sorry, but now I must offer a rare commercial in this column space.

My next book will address the strange goings-on within the highest echelons of the world’s monetary manipulators. Here is a brief excerpt of the introduction to Demonomics: Satan’s Economy and Your Future:

This is the book that will begin helping you understand the tumultuous monetary madness that holds captive every person on planet earth. America and the world are being rushed headlong into uncharted socioeconomic waters. Unprecedented, tsunami-like fiscal pressures gush at sovereign national currency structures, the flood bulldozing everything in its path toward a totally changed order of some sort.
A number of experts in global economics have written for this book. The authors for Demonomics are not only brilliant in their acumen and presentations, but make understandable the complexities of economics that otherwise would be for the most part incomprehensible. One such expert who is featured in the book is G. Edward Griffin, author of the well-known book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. He was recently a guest on Glenn Beck's program, during which he discussed the Federal Reserve System and its sinister founding.

Griffin's book is a groundbreaking expose of the Federal Reserve System - thought by many Americans to be a government agency. In fact, while it was enacted in 1913, the Federal Reserve is led by a Board of Governors - with no oversight from anyone in the executive or legislative branches. The Creature from Jekyll Island traces these shadowy beginnings, and reads like a wild-ride thriller. Yet the story of those who formed this quasi-federal banking system is true, as are the subsequent implications for the near future of the United States.

G. Edward Griffin will be a keynote speaker at a tremendously important forum to be held at Branson, Missouri this July 22-24. The series of meetings is called Future Congress. Besides Griffin, a wide range of experts from banking and finance to conspiracy, from new technology to the supernatural, and from prepping to prophecy will meet with attendees to outline the temporal and spiritual future of society at this once-in-a-lifetime conference - again - to be held in Branson, Missouri, this July 22-24. Those experts read like a "Who's Who" among prophecy circles, including Dr. Chuck Missler, executive director of Koinonia House; Randall Price, distinguished research professor and executive director of the Center for Judaic Studies at Liberty University; Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News; Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Ministries; and over a dozen others. To learn how you can be part of this unprecedented event, visit futurecongress.

I encourage you to check out this event, with the thought toward attending or following it in the online streaming that will make you a part of these crucial sessions. You will be on the inside with the experts who expose what’s really going on with the economic earthquake and other strange, troubling things taking place.

Demonomics: Satan’s Economy and Your Future will be available in time for Future Congress. Todd and I will be there. I will be speaking at this information-packed series of meetings. We hope to meet you there.

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