Apr 12, 2011

Israel Continues Supplying Gaza, Despite Missiles

Ryan JonesBy Ryan Jones
Israel Today

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Debunking accusations that it is keeping the Gaza Strip under seige, the Israeli army on Monday published figures regarding the enormous amount of material it permitted to enter Gaza during March, despite escalating terrorist missile fire.

Hamas and its allied terror groups fired more than 90 missiles and mortar shells at communities in southern Israel in March. That number has increased significantly during the first two weeks of April.

But that wasn’t enough to bring Israel to impose a real blockade on Gaza, as the international community claims it is already doing.

During the month of March, 3,656 trucks carrying food, medical supplies and other goods entered Gaza via southern Israel. It should be remembered that this is humanitarian aid – the people of Gaza are receiving this enormous amount of goods completely free of charge.

Unfortunately, much of it is subsequently stolen by Hamas and offered to the local population at exhorbitant rates to perpetuate the notion that Gazans are living under seige and in lack of their basic needs.

Israel also allowed more than 1,000 supply trucks carrying 50,000 tons of building materials to enter Gaza during March, destroying charges that Israel is not letting Gaza build.

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