Apr 25, 2011

Is Isaiah 17 Being Fulfilled?

Jack KelleyBy Jack Kelley

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Q. Do you think it is possible we are seeing current fulfillment of the Isaiah 17 war in a different manner than usual; but with the net same prophetic effect; in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen etc. and that as a consequence we are virtually at the door with God now dealing with Israel for 7 years?

A. I believe what’s happening in the Middle East goes deeper than the populations throwing off the rule of despotic leaders. As bad as they are, these leaders have been reluctant to go up against Israel because they know they can’t win. The radicals who replace them will have no such fear and won’t be as concerned about self preservation as they are about destroying Israel. They won’t have dynasties to protect like the current leaders have.

I don’t believe Isaiah 17 is being fulfilled yet. What I think we’re seeing is the Lord hastening the day when Israel will have no choice but to take decisive action against its neighbors. One of the major casualties will be Damascus, which Isaiah 17:1 says will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

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