Apr 27, 2011

A Divine Warning Shot Across Obama’s Bow

Douglas J. HagmannBy Douglas J. Hagmann
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Undoubtedly, you’ve already heard and read about the snubbing of Christians by Obama at Easter. We suspect, however, that others who have reported on this have not looked at the larger picture that is represented by this particular administration.

Last Sunday was Easter, the most sacred holiday on the Christian calendar. Yet, you would never know it from the White House. In contrast with his predecessors, the self-proclaimed Christian known as Barack Hussein Obama II, who has also been publicly anointed as a Christian by our corporate media, failed to release any statement or proclamation addressing the national observance of Easter, the most sacred day of the year for Christians worldwide.

Obama also failed to acknowledge or make any reference the Christian holy day of Good Friday, instead releasing a lengthy statement about the secularist, new-age “Earth Day,” which happened to fall on the same day as Good Friday this year. Earth Day sounds innocuous with noble intentions, but like most issues embraced by the “progressives,” it has a much darker side.

What does Earth Day have to do with the lack of an Easter proclamation? Please stay with us as we take a detour to briefly address its present relevance to Obama’s snubbing of Christians along with his slap-down of Jews and Israel.

Earth Day v. Easter & Passover

It is important to note that Earth Day was founded in 1970 by former U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (now deceased) and can be considered, in part, as an outgrowth of the evolving eugenics movement. Nelson himself linked environmental problems to overpopulation of the planet, a concept peripherally embraced by hard-core Earth Day proponents.

Like the old adage that you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps, Earth Day 2011 is partnered with numerous organizations such as the Muslim Green Team, American University of Kuwait, Subol Forum for Development (Iraq), the Ministry of Education in Sultanate of Oman (MOE), and the Blue Green Alliance, which is a coalition of labor unions that includes the SEIU. Peel the organizational layers back further and one can see the ultimate call for “sustainable development” and other key elements used by the proponents of a “New World Order” that is being facilitated through the power structure of the UN and other NGOs.

Perhaps this explains why a carefully crafted eight-paragraph statement was released about the Earth Day initiative instead of the usual White House proclamation dedicated to the Christian holy day of Easter. It is apparent that this new-age secularism, embraced and promoted by globalists and Progressives and known as “spirituality without borders or confining dogmas,” has replaced inconvenient proclamations associated with certain religions. In sum and substance, that action alone explains a lot about the man and his administration. He is the great facilitator of interfaith dialogue that will ultimately lead to a one world religion, but not before he is done arranging the Islamic chess pieces – both globally and domestically. We are seeing that currently playing out in Libya, where such globalist luminaries as Henry Kissinger are now calling for the use of ground troops. The actions in Libya are a precursor to more aggressive plans in the Middle East where Israel will bear the brunt of the globalist agenda.

Judeo-Christian Ideology at the White House: A Laughing Matter

As if the failure to issue a standard proclamation from the seat of U.S. power was not sufficiently insulting, perhaps Christians in the U.S. might be moved to irritation by watching the defiance oozing from Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney when he was asked about this omission during a press conference on Monday. Carney appeared to laugh off the question, instead deflecting to Obama’s attendance at church on Easter. As noted in a one-minute video clip, Carney chuckled as he said he was uncertain whether any proclamation was released, as if such issues were below the level of his job. He stressed, however, that Obama celebrated the importance of this Christian holy day with his family in a very high profile manner. Apparently, that should settle the whole matter.

While Christians were slighted this Easter, the Jews had it much worse. For this year’s Jewish holiday of Passover which corresponds with the Christian feast of Easter, Obama actually had plenty to say. Anyone with any level of intellectual and spiritual discernment should be able to read between the lines of Obama’s statement when he used the feast of Passover to take a swipe at Jews and the nation of Israel. In his statement, he sparked controversy by linking the Jewish holiday of Passover with the current uprisings in the Muslim world. His Passover remarks combined “social transformation” and “liberation” in the Middle East, which were rightfully viewed as an insult to Jews and to the nation of Israel. Anyone with any knowledge of history should be upset at his obvious disdain for Israel, and those with the intellectual and spiritual discernment will see this as another step toward the isolation of – and turning against – Israel as its existence does not fit into the globalist agenda.

Why It Matters

Through the use of sound bites and amid the snide snickers of deflection, one might be led to believe that the absence of an Easter proclamation represents a move to a more secular role of government, or one that does not put the value of one religion over another. That might be true if Obama remained silent on all religious holidays, but he has not. In fact, Obama’s refusal to make the customary Easter proclamation while making an insulting reference to Passover starkly contrasts his other “religious” statements when he has openly acknowledged and praised various Muslim holidays such as Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr.

From an evidentiary perspective and despite the Carney dog and pony show, it is growing more evident that “Obama the secularist” has an affinity to Islam and bias against Israel and the Jews, contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian values in America. The reason is quite simple, but we must not be myopic in the final analysis.

Islam that is being used to facilitate the erosion of our core values through the perversion of our constitution. Ironically, it is the intolerance inherent in Islam that is being used as a catalyst for calls for religious tolerance in America. It’s a brilliant plan that is actually a convoluted extension of the Bush Islamic outreach program in America.

While it is at work here in the U.S., we can see the same plan at work throughout the Middle East. In a broader worldview, facts support that Obama’s foreign policy regarding the Middle East significantly favors the Muslim-Arab countries while turning his back on the nation of Israel.

It all fits within the framework of a one-world, one religion global agenda. Perhaps that’s why a divine warning shot was reportedly captured on camera by Eddie Gehman Kohan on Easter Sunday.

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