Feb 28, 2011

When Lawlessness​ Abounds: Farrakhan Predicts Revolution at 'Your Door'

Bill WilsonBy Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry


Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan delivered his four hour annual "Savior's Day" speech to followers in Chicago on Sunday. The Chicago Tribune reports that Farrakhan told his followers that revolution is imminent in America:

"What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt ... Libya, in Bahrain ... what you see happening there ... you'd better prepare because it will be coming to your door."
The Tribune said Farrakhan delivered the prediction in a booming voice, with thousands of followers cheering in response. Farrakhan called on the current president to allow protesters to march, urging him not to attack innocent people when they do.

Farrakhan is an admitted admirer of the current president, calling him at one time the "Messiah." So when Farrakhan, a long time radical and considered by many a racist toward Caucasians, says there is going to be a Middle East style revolution in the United States, more than Homeland Security should take notice. Labor Unions - translated socialist activists - in Wisconsin already have started this protest movement over a financially troubled state wanting public employees to pay their fair share of health insurance. Duly elected legislators have gone into hiding to block legislation that mandates the cuts. In other words, they are violating their oath of office to side with those who wish to undermine the "democratic" process.

This is also occurring from the White House, who not only is supporting the Wisconsin protests, but also has gone against the democratic process and is breaking the law. The White House has said it will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The White House has ignored court decisions that the socialist health care law is unconstitutional and is proceeding with its implementation. The White House has ignored a court order to allow offshore drilling for oil by refusing to issue permits. Congress voted down a White House proposal for an economic advisory committee, so the president established it by executive order. This list of lawlessness is not a short one.

The Washington Post reported on February 18, that the president's "political machine worked in close coordination Thursday with state and national union officials to get thousands of protesters to gather in Madison and to plan similar demonstrations in other state capitals." What separates the American experiment in representative government is the rule of law, not the rule of those who shout the loudest.

Jesus said of the latter days in Matthew 24:12,
"And because lawlessness abounds, the love of many shall wax cold."
He is speaking of the lawlessness of sin and iniquity, the non-compliance to God's law. Can you see the parallel to what is coming to your door?

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