Feb 18, 2011

Hizballah Threatens to Conquer the Galilee

Ryan JonesBy Ryan Jones
Israel Today

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Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday said that in the next war between Lebanon and Israel, his terrorist militia will be instructed to invade and occupy northern Israel.

Speaking at an annual ceremony to honor Hizballah casualties in past conflicts with Israel, Nasrallah said:

“I’m telling the fighters of the Islamic resistance: Be ready for the day, should war be forced upon Lebanon, where the resistance’s leadership will ask you to take over the Galilee.”
With Hizballah now firmly in control of Lebanon’s political leadership, it is not inconceivable that the next war on Israel’s northern frontier could see the US-armed Lebanese army joining Hizballah in its advance on the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to Nasrallah’s threat by saying he would be a fool to try to enter northern Israel.

“Nasrallah said he would capture the Galilee, I have news for you - you won’t,” Netanyahu told the annual gathering of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem. “We have a strong army. We seek peace with all of our neighbors, but the IDF is prepared to defend Israel from any of its enemies.”

Netanyahu went on to warn Nasrallah that he “should stay in his bunker.” Netanyahu was referring to the fact that Nasrallah has spent the better part of the past decade living in bunkers for fear of being targeted by Israel.

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