Dec 29, 2010

'New World Order' Still in Flux, Says Author

Russ JonesBy Russ Jones

A Bermuda-based author and diplomat has written a lengthy position paper on the progression of the "new world order." The article's conclusions may surprise those who follow this movement.

The notion of one totalitarian group controlling the globe is not new. Michael Markham, co-founder of Spiritual Diplomacy World Council who has created a brief [PDF] addressing the movement, says Christians need to be better educated on the effort.

"The important thing that people should know, particularly if they're like American Christians," he tells OneNewsNow, "is that the new world order was founded basically through atheist philosophy - a belief that there isn't anything spiritual; that man is a god unto himself."

Authors like H.G. Wells believed the only hope for world peace is through one world order. Theorists today claim some of the world's wealthiest people and top political leaders seek to create a fascist, one-world government.

"They believe the anti-Christ is going to run the new world order," says Markham. "Other people have other ideas about who's going to run [it].

"I do know people who are part of running the new world order - and even they haven't figured out who it is that they want to run the new world order," the author shares. "So a new world order is still in development; it's still in flux."

According to "experts" on the issue, there would be one common currency in a one-world government; and there would be no middle class - only rulers and their servants.

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