Dec 30, 2010

N-B-C Battalion Established in Israel

David DolanBy David Dolan

Israeli armed forces commanders have announced the formation of a special military battalion whose main task will be to deal with any non-conventional attack upon the Jewish state. The new unit, called Yanshuf in Hebrew, has already been trained to respond to any potential nuclear, biological or chemical missile assault upon Israel.

Officials say the possibility of such an attack is increasing every year, with Iran moving toward producing nuclear warheads while its ally Syria continues to stockpile deadly VX and Sarin nerve gas that can be carried by its large Russian-supplied missile force. The new battalion will be readied for possible rapid deployment to any part of the small country, which is only 280 miles long and less than 50 miles wide.

During a recent military ceremony inaugurating the new battalion, Major General Sami Turgeman noted that “not far from us, the Syrians are diligently developing warring capabilities that we must prepare for. Our job now is not to prepare for conventional occurrences, but instead to prepare for the extreme event, and the Yanshuf battalion is the spearhead for this defense.”

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