Dec 8, 2010

Dream on, Harry Reid

Joseph FarahBy Joseph Farah

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is hell-bent on approving billions in new aid to the children of illegal aliens along with providing them amnesty with his so-called "Dream Act."

According to Reid, illegal aliens just want to come to America for an honest day's work.

But while Harry Reid and Barack Obama are dreaming, America is in the throes of a nightmare from their policies of enabling illegal immigration.

A very quick search of the news on one day last week revealed the following:

  • Jose Perez-Gonazalez, 31, an illegal alien living in South San Francisco, was convicted on charges of beating and blinding a 78-year-old widow in her Daly City home after she surprised him during a robbery attempt. The victim was beaten in the face with a metal pry bar. Police found her semi-conscious and near death. She now lives in a rest home. The perpetrator was found in Mexico.

  • The Border Patrol arrested two men in the Imperial Beach area of San Diego after they crossed illegally into the country. One of the men resisted and attempted to grab the agent's gun. Once the suspect was detained, his identity was determined to be Ismael Calixto Ortiz, 30, wanted for a 2005 rape in Santa Ana. Police there said he raped a woman in her home and threatened to kill her children if she reported the crime.

  • Illegal alien Neida Ortega, 34, was speeding with her Mexican driver's license in Columbia, S.C., when she crashed into a Chevrolet Impala that careened into two parked fire trucks that were involved in battling a brush fire. Firefighter Chance Zobel, 23, was killed and a second firefighter, Larry Irvin, was seriously injured.

  • A Mexican national was arrested in Blythe, Calif., with 47 pounds of cocaine hidden in her sports utility vehicle. The drugs have a street value of $1.5 million.

  • Marco Antonio Navarro-Flores, 42, an illegal alien, was arrested for running a methamphetamine drug ring in Santa Rosa, Calif.

  • Jesus Maldonado-Ortega, 45, is a previously deported illegal alien who re-entered the country to sell methamphetamine. He was sentenced last month on the charges that include unlawfully carrying firearms.

  • In Minnesota, Tomas Hernandez Lopez, 41, accepted a plea deal for sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl he was babysitting. The multiple assaults took place 10 years ago.

  • A Mexican national was convicted of brutally slaying his four Mexican roommates in an Ohio apartment three years ago was sentenced to life in prison.

  • An illegal alien wanted for killing a man in Mexico was arrested in Detroit – where he had been living to evade justice.
Now, I could go on and on. Quite literally, I just scratched the surface of one day's reports on crimes associated with illegal aliens in the U.S. By the way, none of the stories associated with these criminal activities mentioned the term "illegal alien." I had to find them by searching for euphemisms like "Mexican national."

But, nevertheless, they were easy to find.

In another day, another era, great news organizations might wrap up stories like this, so that readers could see a trend. (My news agency has actually performed this public service several times.) Not today. The news media are in total denial of reality – instead they seek to portray these as individual, unrelated aberrations and always hide the illegal status of the perpetrators.

However, federal statistics don't lie. They say 55 percent of the inmate population in U.S. prisons is made up of illegal aliens. That suggests to me that more than half of the serious crimes committed in this country are committed by illegal aliens.

And we want to provide incentives for more to come here?

Harry Reid and Barack Obama and anyone who supports the so-called "Dream Act" have blood on their hands – quite literally. This is not about compassion. It's about victimization of American citizens who pay the government to protect them, not torment and torture them.

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