Nov 5, 2010

Hamas Claims 'Game-Changing Weapons'

Aaron KleinBy Aaron Klein

Hamas succeeded in bringing into the Gaza Strip "game changing" weapons, a top member of Hamas' so-called military wing claimed to WND.

The Hamas member, from the terrorist group's Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, would not specify the type of weapons. He would not give any information on when the purported weapons were brought into Gaza.

Israeli security officials confirmed to WND that Hamas recently was able to bring into Gaza advanced weaponry that deeply concerns the Israel Defense Forces.

The information comes a week after the Nigerian secret service seized a large weapons shipment in Lagos, one of Africa's busiest ports.

The capture of the arms, which included Katyusha rocket launchers, underlined fears that Iran is developing a global network for moving weapons and people. Israel is concerned Tehran is exploiting unpatrolled points that have previously been used by drug cartels.

The weapons seizure was made with intelligence help from Israel and Western countries, according to security officials.

Last week, WND reported Iranian Revolutionary Guard units have stepped up their training of Hamas commanders inside the Gaza Strip, according to a senior Egyptian security official.

The official conceded a growing level of cooperation with the Guard in efforts to smuggle weapons into Gaza, while Egypt has reported an increase in Guard training of Hamas division commanders inside the Gaza Strip.

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