Sep 3, 2010

A One-State Solution

Randy WhiteBy Dr. Randy White
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With "peace talks" taking place in Washington between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, I thought I would repost (with slight edits) a post from February, 2009. I believe that a two-state solution is no solution, and will never fully come about. It would require the Palestinian regime to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist. Such acknowledgment goes against their charter and all that they believe in. So, if a two-state solution will not work, what is the solution?

Question: What is the answer to the issues of Israel and the Middle East?

Answer: The answer is simple: Let Israel Win! Support Israel to the end. Support the governance of Israel over the land and peoples of Israel and so-called Palestine. Support Israel's right to defend herself and to expand her influence in the region. A one-state solution with Israel as that state is the only real answer to the real problems of the Holy Land.

It is a simple answer, so why is no one giving this answer? Israel increasingly stands alone in the world, a nation without supporters. Its strongest ally, the United States, no longer holds to an Israel-Must-Win policy but rather supports a two-state solution which will never work.

If you consider the facts, a one-state solution (that one state being a strong Israel) is the perfect solution and makes perfect sense. Consider what Israel has done in her 60-year history:

  • Become the only democracy in the Middle East, and a well-functioning democracy at that! Of the 16 nations of the Middle East, an annual study of democracy by Freedom House showed that in 2008 Israel was the sole nation receiving a classification of "free," while six nations received "partially free" and nine received the ignoble label "not free." The Middle East is full of one-party states, monarchies, and despotic regimes. A two-state solution only promises to add another to the list.
  • Become the only nation in the Middle East that supports basic human rights. Human dignity and liberty are at the foundation of Israel's basic laws. While Israel is often maligned for human rights abuses by pro-Palestinian sources (such as the U.N.), Israel is worlds ahead of the remainder of the Middle East in providing basic liberties.
  • Become the wealthiest nation in the Middle East in spite of the fact that it is the only nation without oil. Israel is third in the world with the number of companies listed on NASDAQ. The Gross Domestic Product of Israel is $28,800 per person while the average GDP of the rest of the Middle East is $6,150.
  • Become the greatest military in the Middle East and in most of the world.
  • Created the greatest educational system in the Middle East. (22% of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish, while only a tiny fraction of the world's population is Jewish). Israel is home to seven of the top ten universities in the Middle East. Israel provides free public education with a choice: secular public education, Jewish public education, or Arab public education. Ninety percent of Israelis complete 12 grades, compared to 77% of Americans. Israel's literacy rate is the highest in the Middle East at 97%, compared to Saudi Arabia's 78%.
  • Become the inventor of the fundamental technologies of the technological revolution in which we live. If you use Windows, instant messaging, cell phones, firewalls, or have phone service through an Internet connection, you use Israeli technology. If you have had any kind of surgery or major medical care, you have been blessed by Israeli technology.
If you put Israel in the desert, it blooms. If you put Israel in the military, it wins. If you put Israel in the boardroom, it prospers. If the world will allow Israel to govern Palestine with unquestioned sovereignty, then peace and accompanying prosperity will come to the region and its beleaguered citizens.

So…why not support a pro-Israel policy that seeks the expansion of the Israeli state? Israel itself is not anti-Arab. It has done everything it can to provide for the "Palestinians." A great number of Israeli's are Arab-Israeli citizens of Arab descent who live, work, and worship in Israel with freedom, even having their own political party and representatives in the Israeli parliament. Israel could govern the region far better than Palestinians have proven able (or willing) to do. The answer to the problems in the middle-east is not a two-state solution, but a one-state solution, and that state being a strong Israel. Only modern Israel has ever been able to provide environments of peace and prosperity for Palestinians. Why not go with the one proven factor in the Middle East? If Israel can provide for Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis, why not support a strong, one-state solution in the region governed by Israel?

Such a solution is unlikely to happen, however. This world is hell-bent over Israel-bashing. Europe has a disdain for Israel. Academia grovels in hatred for Israel. News-media are unabashedly unbalanced in relation to Israel. Even the most responsible governments and world leaders are supportive of a two-state solution despite the fact that it has failed more times than any other foreign policy initiative in history while being given more opportunity, funding, and cooperation of world governments.

What is behind this? It must be the Devil himself. Satan knows that Israel is the Apple of God's Eye. Satan knows that, of all the real estate of the world, God has chosen Israel as the Promised Land. Satan will do all he can to poke his finger in God's eye and thwart God's promises to His chosen nation.

When you join in pro-Palestinian attitudes or actions, you join the work of Satan—even if unknowingly. When you stand with Israel—her right to exist and to expand—you stand with God, who promises a blessing for those who bless Israel and a curse to those who curse Israel.
"And what one nation in the earth is like Thy people Israel, whom God went to redeem for himself as a people?" I Chronicles 17:21
As for me and my house, we will stand with Israel.

Addendum, 2010: After posting this in 2009, I was told that a one-state solution would not work because of the "demographic problem." That is, the Arab population would soon out-number the Jewish population and the democracy would become Arab-controlled. Retired Israeli diplomat Yoram Ettinger (who will speak at First Baptist Katy on October 24) has some good words to say about this argument here and here.

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One further note: Have you noticed that each time the USA tries to get Israel to come to the table and sacrifice the Covenant Land for peace, disasters like hurricanes come our way? Call me crazy if you want, but I believe that God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse her. This is true for individuals or nations.

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