Aug 19, 2010

Today's 'Conservatives' and the Sin Problem

Joseph FarahBy Joseph Farah

I can't even count how many times I've written in books and columns about why I am not a "conservative."

No matter how many times I do, I am still saddled with the label by friends and adversaries alike.

It seems everyone must be a conservative or a liberal in America today.

Today I write with a new reason: "Conservatives" don't recognize sin when they see it. Nearly the entire "conservative" establishment, such as it is, fears even mentioning this word or acknowledging its existence. And, I'm afraid, without that recognition, this is a movement that is hopelessly lost.

Let's take the issue of homosexuality.

In the Judeo-Christian biblical worldview, there can be no doubt that homosexual behavior is a sin – even a particularly grave sin in God's eyes, one He characterizes as "an abomination." God's Word is unequivocal on that point – New Testament or Old.

Yet, increasingly it seems, American "conservatives" are shy about calling this sin what it is. They also seem oblivious to the societal costs of affirming homosexual behavior as acceptable, normal and morally and legally equivalent to heterosexual behavior – sexually transmitted diseases, gender confusion among children, the breakdown of traditional marriage and the family unit, child molestations, military cohesiveness, the spread of moral relativism and, as history has shown, cultural decay.

When was the last time you heard a "conservative" leader with a high media profile speak out against what can only be described as the pervasive glorification of the homosexual culture in our schools, media, entertainment industry, Madison Avenue and, of course, government in all of its forms?

There are a few, to be sure – Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage come to mind. Any others?

Meanwhile, the oldest and most prestigious "conservative" weekly in the nation is owned by a corporation run by an activist homosexual.

Ann Coulter is gleeful about speaking to a group called GOProud, which bills itself as a "conservative" Republican homosexual organization that supports same-sex marriage and open homosexual service in the military.

GOProud was accepted as a sponsor of the last annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

Maybe she was persuaded to speak to that group by "conservative" leader Grover Norquist who sits on the board of GOProud.

"Conservative" icon Glenn Beck, in a conversation with Bill O'Reilly, said basically he doesn't care about the attack on traditional marriage. Asked if the California ruling will harm the country in any way, he responded:

"No I don't. Will the gays come and get us? I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: 'If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference is it to me?'"
Rush Limbaugh, the iconic leader of American conservatism, hired the noted homosexual singer Elton John to perform at his wedding. He has not aired one of his bitingly satirical "gay community updates" in years.

"Conservatives," it seems, are on the verge of not only accepting homosexuality's domination of the culture, but embracing it.

Not me – another reason I would prefer not to be considered or labeled as a "conservative."

Personally, I can't even imagine a world in which same-sex marriage becomes accepted, either by judicial force, or routine, through society's capitulation to pressure. It simply won't be the same world we have known throughout our lives. The natural order of things will be irrevocably altered and broken.

It's a very big deal, and, sadly, "conservatives" are letting it happen. They aren't fighting. They are capitulating. They are compromising. They are becoming part of the problem, not the solution. Their standards are being destroyed.

Just exactly what is it that "conservatives" are trying to "conserve"? Free enterprise? Why? Because it works? So does traditional marriage. It's been proven for 5,000 years. It's the building block of any self-governing society. Without it we have chaos – sexual anarchy. I like free enterprise, too. But I know it's best because private property is affirmed by the Bible. So is marriage between one man and one woman. That's my standard.

I feel very lonely fighting this issue today – very isolated.

But fight I will – until the last breath.

Acceptance of the government imposition of same-sex marriage will be like the proverbial crossing of the Rubicon. The foundations of our world will literally be shaken.

You don't have to be a prophet to realize God will not be mocked in this manner. We won't be the first civilization to collapse because of its approval of this sin. But we might be the last.

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