May 6, 2010

Scuds in Lebanon

David DolanBy David Dolan

Israeli officials have expressed increasing alarm over the high level of weaponry that has been acquired by the Lebanese Hizbullah militia over the past decade. Last year, it was reported that Syria was passing on sophisticated anti aircraft missile batteries to the militant Shiite Muslim group, and also training Hizbullah members how to operate them.

Other reports say chemical weapons may also now be a part of the Hizbullah arms arsenal as well. In mid-April, a newspaper published in Kuwait reported that Damascus was now smuggling advanced Scud D missiles to the Lebanese militia which pounded Israel with rockets in 2006. The missiles are known to have a range of many hundreds of miles, meaning all Israeli territory would be subject to a possible future Hizbullah missile attack, including the southern port city of Eilat. Israeli officials later confirmed the Kuwaiti report, saying the Scud D’s pose a mortal danger to their small country. However a Hizbullah Lebanese government minister refused to either confirm or deny the reported Scud acquisitions, telling the group’s Al Manar television station that it is “not Israel’s business what we have.”

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