May 25, 2010

Obama Plan: Global Troops to Protect Israel

Aaron KleinBy Aaron Klein

A U.S. plan envisions stationing international troops along Israel's border with a future Palestinian state, WND has learned.

Palestinian Authority officials privy to the plan say the Obama administration proposed deploying NATO soldiers along the Palestinian side of a future border with Israel as well as along the borders of Jordan and any future Palestinian state.

Israeli government sources confirmed such a plan has been proposed.

The sources said the concept is not exclusive to the Obama administration. Both Presidents Clinton and Bush broached the idea of stationing international troops along the borders of a future Palestinian state.

International troops and monitors do not boast a positive track record in fulfilling their protective duties on behalf of Israel.

Monitors previously stationed along the Gaza-Egypt border fled their duties multiple times amid Hamas threats and attacks. The monitors were deployed to report any instances of weapons smuggling or terrorist infiltration along the border.

Also, following the Second Lebanon War in 2006, about 15,000 soldiers under the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, or UNIFIL, deployed in South Lebanon with the objective of ensuring a truce between Israel and Hezbollah as well as to stop the Hezbollah terror group from rearming.

According to reports, Hezbollah, with international troops present, has acquired more rockets and sophisticated weaponry from Syria and Iran than before the 2006 war. The group reportedly has enough rockets to blanket Israeli population centers for a prolonged period of time.

Israeli security officials told WND the Israeli army routinely passes to UNIFIL commanders aerial photographs and video images of Hezbollah weapons smuggling routes. But with few exceptions, the international forces have not taken action.

The security officials are concerned the UNIFIL forces could get in the way and impede any future Israeli defensive action needed against Hezbollah.

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