Mar 29, 2010

The Greatest Conspiracy of All Time

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

When I was in grade school, kids still traded marbles and baseball cards. That’s about as far as it went in our world.

One day, though, a transfer kid brought in a tattered old album. The cover was half-torn. No one else was interested, but I sat down with him and we went through this treasure. It had belonged to a family uncle who’d seen action in World War II.

Opening the album, my new friend didn’t say a word. He let the photographs speak for themselves. Today, all those years later, the album is in my possession. The images inside are still ghastly, exactly as they were in the fifth grade.

People, looking like living skeletons, or cadavers, skin stretched over bone. Deeply sunken cheeks and vacant eyes. This was a collection of photographs taken by an Army corporal who happened upon the infamous Nazi death camps. He had some photos from Normandy, and a few old newspaper clippings, as well. But those death camp images…

Many years later, I remembered the collection and looked up my old friend. He was kind enough to give me the album. He had small children; perhaps he didn’t want them to see it.

I pulled it off the shelf again this week, after getting the mail one afternoon.

Actually, the mail was from my pastor. Visiting with him recently, he handed me a regular business envelope that had been delivered to the church I attend. My name was on the envelope; the return address was brief and vague. A name and a zip code. It had been post-marked in a large Midwestern city.

Casually tearing it open, I discovered three pieces of paper and no letter. A cartoon, a pamphlet, and a sheet with 66 questions, front and back. I later thought that there should have been 666 questions.

These contents, my dear friends, contained the most vile Holocaust denial I’ve seen in some time. My dear friend, the Holocaust scholar, Dr. Alex Grobman, has seen material like this many times. His book, Denying History, is one of the best I’ve seen in challenging Holocaust deniers.

But for an evangelical country boy, such filth is rare. I know there is a vague distrust of Jews; Holocaust denial is a different animal.

One of the questions posed in this package asks the following: “How does it [Holocaust teaching] benefit the State of Israel?” Answer: “It justifies the billions of dollars in ‘reparations’ Germany has paid to Israel and many individual ‘survivors.’ It is used by the Zionist/Israeli lobby to dictate a pro-Israel American foreign policy in the Middle East, and to force American taxpayer aid to Israel, totaling billions of dollars per year.”

A hallmark of Holocaust denial is illogical argument. Does anyone seriously believe the German government would pay reparations if the Holocaust hadn’t happened? Does anyone who’s paying attention really believe the Americans have a pro-Israel foreign policy (see Obama, Barack)? Do the deniers not know that annual aid to Israel is part of the same Camp David deal brokered by the Arabist Jimmy Carter, and that Egypt has received more in military hardware?

The Holocaust is one of the most documented tragedies/events in world history. No less than Dwight Eisenhower — no friend of Israel, as president — insisted that the world would know what had gone on in the camps. He’d been there and witnessed it.

Holocaust denial is factually wrong. It is an affront to whatever morality is left in this diseased world. The deniers are driven by an ancient hatred that threatens anew the very occurrence they deny took place.

Holocaust denial is also an added front in the war on Israel. And remember this:

The deniers want you to believe that the Jews hatched a global fiction with tentacles in every sphere of society, including the fifth grade. How crazy is that? Seventy years ago, a Jewish cabal faked photographs and pressed them into an album that was passed on to one 11-year-old by another 11-year-old, and that album was later used to serve as evidence of the Holocaust?

Who’s crazy here?

I make this vow: so long as the deniers deny, I will deny them their hoped-for victory over the Jews.

With the last breath in my body.

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